BKS-Partners Colleagues Donate More Than 36 Inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

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Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners (BKS-Partners) colleagues Nerissa Casanova, Amber Miller and Jacklyn Massrock donated a total of 36.5 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths after discovering how the program is helping women who have lost their hair to cancer treatments.

I first started donating my hair when my daughter was young for two reasons: to honor my mother, family and friends that have survived cancer and to teach my daughter that you can impact someone’s life with one simple gesture,” said Nerissa Casanova.

For BKS-Partners colleagues, donating their hair was an easy way to make a real difference in someone’s life, and they plan on continuing to donate for years to come.

I want to give someone the gift of hope, comfort and peace of mind. One day when they’re cancer-free, they’ll look back knowing they’ve been supported all along,” said Amber Miller.

Thank you to Nerissa Casanova, Amber Miller and Jacklyn Massrock  for your incredibly kind donations to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

8-Year-Old Avery Saba Makes The Kindest Cut!


For 8-year-old Avery Saba of Pittsburgh, the decision to donate nine inches of her hair was an easy one.  “I want to help people who have cancer,” the active, hockey-playing third grader said.  Avery was just eight days away from her second birthday, when her mother, Shelly, was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2008.  Although her memory of Shelly’s treatment is vague, photos of her mother’s subsequent hair loss as she underwent a summer of chemotherapy remained with her.  After over a year without a haircut, Avery finally had enough to donate and went to the hairdresser over her Christmas break.

Avery cutAvery hair

“The only bad thing is that now my mom can’t see me on the hockey ice,” said Avery referring to her trademark ponytail that no longer peeks out the back of her helmet. “But that’s OK, I think I kind of like my hair shorter.”

Thank you, Avery, for your incredibly kind donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

150 Semester at Sea Students Shave Their Heads & 13 Donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

It all starts with an Executive Dean on the around the world voyage on the Semester at Sea program for Fall 2014.  650 amazing, intelligent and compassionate college students heard her story of being a stage three breast cancer survivor and losing all her hair from chemotherapy.  They also knew that her son and daughter, who were on the ship with her as a student and a lifelong learner, had grown their hair for four years so that they could donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.


In November, 150 students on the Semester at Sea Fall 2014 voyage shaved their heads, and 13 of them had hair long enough to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  These students all demonstrated a commitment to caring for others through self-sacrifice.  These are the wonderful students who donated.

 Morgan Rush

Taylor Rush

Ciara McManus

Ellis O’Connor

Leandra Ipina

Katelin Verploeg

Quincey Shelton

Kayla Bernel

Sierra Postler

Keelee Martin

Kei Lin Chang

Madeline Butler

Ashley Panek


SAS 1 - Final

Written by Peggy Campbell-Rush.

Mother & Daughter Donate Hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Donel recently cut and donated her hair for a second time to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  On the day of her donation, her five-year-old daughter Lydia was so inspired by her mother’s kindness that she decided to also donate her hair to the Beautiful Lengths program. Lydia is loving her new short ‘do and is happy that her hair is going to a woman in need.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   20141019_195100

Thank you both for your support of Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

Erica Cuts & Donates to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

Erica’s mother was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer on April 1st.  A few weeks later, she went to pick out her wig.  Erica had very long hair and knew that she wanted to donate, as she had done so in the past.  Erica promised her parents that she was going to donate her hair right before moving from Florida to Georgia in June.
On June 2nd, Erica experienced an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), and needed brain surgery.  She remembers telling her neurosurgeon that she wanted to donate her hair and asked if he could save as much as he could.  Erica had her craniotomy on June 18th, which happened to be the day before she was supposed to move.
Erica Staples
Erica’s neurosurgeon was able to keep most of her hair, and Erica was able to travel back to Florida and donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  Erica thanks Beautiful Lengths for “the opportunity to let me help brighten someone’s day.”
Erica 1
Thank you, Erica, for your incredibly kind donation!

Your ponytail, her confidence.

Thank you.

Photo credit: A Practical Wedding

National Donate Your Hair Day – November 22, 2014!

Pantene will host its third annual National Donate Your Hair Day on Saturday, November 22, 2014!  This annual day of giving encourages people nationwide to cut and donate their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and in partnership with Seventeen, Pantene will host three donation events this year in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami!

Interested in donating your hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths on National Donate Your Hair Day? See below for further information on how you can schedule a FREE cut and style at the participating salons in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.  Appointments are limited and are made on a first come, first serve basis, so please be sure to email the below contacts as soon as possible!

New York
Rita Hazan Salon
720 Fifth Avenue
11th Floor
New York, NY 10019
To make an appointment at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City, please contact NDYHDNYC@gmail.com
The Rita Hazan Salon will be taking appointments from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Los Angeles
Nine Zero One
901 Westbourne Drive
West Hollywood, CA 90069
To make an appointment at the Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles, please contact NDYHDLA@gmail.com
Nine Zero One will be taking appointments from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

The Gabriel Samra Salon
3035 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33145
To make an appointment at the Gabriel Samra Hair Salon in Miami, please contact NDYHDMiami@gmail.com
The Gabriel Samra Hair Salon will be taking appointments from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

If you would like to participate in National Donate Your Hair Day but do not live in New York, Los Angeles or Miami, we encourage you to contact your local salon and tell them more about Pantene Beautiful Lengths and National Donate Your Hair Day, as many salons will cut hair that is being donated at a discounted rate.

To Be Made Into a Wig, Your Hair Must Be:

PBL Hair Requirements

To learn more about Pantene Beautiful Lengths, please visit http://www.Pantene.com for further information, including instructions on how to make the cut!