Making the Cut at Mall of America

Brennan Blomgren one of our Hometown Ambassadors from St. Paul, Minnesota rallied support for this program by coordinating Minnesota’s first Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hair Cutting Party at the Mall of America!

I am a fervent supporter of this program, and I fought hard to make Minnesota ’s first cutting party as successful as possible. I went to schools, I was on a news program on television, and in the end my efforts paid off. At the time, that cutting party was the most successful that the program had ever had. I don’t remember how many people came and donated, but let me say this. We had six professional hairdressers there, and we were there for about five hours. The people from Rocco Altebelli’s never got a break. The lines were always full until the very end, and even then we had to turn people down. I am certain that had we stayed until people stopped coming, we would still be in that mall snipping away!

A BIG thanks to Brennan and all of the other ambassadors and supporter who make this program shine!


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