Mark Garrison helps the cause!

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Peter Kadushin and Leo Standora over at write a great story about Merideth Sheriden and the recent event at the Mark Garrison Salon.

Ever since Meredith Sherman was in kindergarten, she’s worn her hair long – way past shoulder length.

But yesterday the 30-year-old social worker from Brooklyn walked into celebrity hairstylist Mark Garrison’s Salon on E. 60th St. and had her brunette tresses trimmed so much you could see her neck.

“I bet I just lost 2 pounds,” Sherman smiled wistfully, as Garrison showed her the hank of hair he had just shorn. “I wanted to do a good deed, but having it look this good is an extra.”

Where you at the Mark Garrison cutting event? Tell us what you think below?

If you have pictures upload them to our group on Flickr!


3 responses to “Mark Garrison helps the cause!

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  3. I have seen the rerun several times on Oprah’s Show the great American Haircut. I wish to be contacted about donating more than 3 feet from my hair that has been growing more than 38 years and is below knee length.Oprah is my favorite entertainer and it is a dream of mine to have Oprah cut my hair. My daughter, Diana died of Leukemia 24 years ago and the most traumatic part of her treatment was loosing her waist length hair to chemotherapy.
    June Griggs

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