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panten_beautiful_lengths.jpgWe have been receiving a lot of very important queries. We love getting feedback and encourage you to post your questions under our blog comments. Feel free to also check our website. Lately there have been many requests for our beautiful real hair wigs. Therefore, we wanted to post this information which can also be found on our website.

“As Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs are created, they will be distributed at no cost through select American Cancer Society wig banks across the country. Women facing cancer can find out about the availability of a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig by calling the American Cancer Society at 1-877-227-1596. The Society can also help callers with a number of resources providing educational and emotional support.”


35 responses to “Send us your questions…

  1. Can you tell us how many wigs have been donated so far?

  2. Krista Tuthill

    Hi! I’m looking to donate my hair to Beautiful Lengths soon and I can’t seem to find any information about a press release to my local newspaper. Is there a form that you guys have generated and that I can use? I’m doing this in honor of my high school choir director who was diagnosed with breast cancer last spring and is now in remission. Hope to hear a reply soon!

  3. Thank you for all the great questions! Pantene Beautiful Lengths has currently distributed 2,000 real-hair wigs. In addition, 1,000 wigs are currently in production and will be distributed very soon. As you can tell from our blog we are lucky to have 17,108 ponytail donations to date. Since it takes 4-6 ponytails to make one wig, we are extreamly grateful to all the supporters and donators! It would not be possible without you. We will also be posting a press release that we like to use to alert local media about upcoming Pantene Beautiful Lengths events. Keep the great questions coming.

  4. Maria R. Morrison

    I donated hair to Locks of Love almost 2 years ago and am looking to donate again, but this time to adult women facing cancer, I’d like to donate my hair in honor of my Grandmother and heard there was a way to list that depending on which organization you go through, can you give me any info? And are there salons that accept the ponytails directly?

  5. Maria, Thank you for your valuable questions. Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a charity campaign that encourages people to grow, cut, and donate their hair to make free, real hair wigs for women undergoing cancer treatments. Many of our donations are made in honor or memory of relatives and friends. I highly encourage you to include the name or names of individuals you would like to be honored, as well as your personal contact information (name and address) along with your ponytail donation. All the information you send us is highly confidential and will not be used for media purposes unless specified by you. This past year we have worked with many salons throughout the country. However we leave it to the preference of the donor as to where they would like to have their ponytail cut. Please reference our website for the address and information on how to send in your personal donation and feel free to spread the word to salons in your area: Thanks again!

  6. Do You sell these wigs or are the donated for free to the cancer patients?

  7. Hi Martin,

    These wigs are distributed FREE of charge in an effort to help women during a very difficult time in their lives.

  8. Can men donating their hair if it meets the hair requirements? I know a lot of men with mothers or sisters with cancer, besides the fact that you might could collect more blonde or red ponytails if men were involved in the project.

  9. What happens to the donated hair once it’s received by Beautiful Lengths? And what happens to the hair donations that are either too short or otherwise not acceptable?


  11. How often do you hold cutting events, and where can I find more information about them?

  12. Hi, I am in Australia and am watching Oprah and found out about this website and great cause. I was hoping if you could tell me, is there a similar thing set up in Australia? IF there is not, have you some ideas for me to set up something like this? I would love to be a part of it.
    Kind Regards
    Nicholle Russell

  13. Hi Nicholle,

    Thank you for your interest! At this time we do not believe there is anything like Pantene Beautiful Lengths in Australia, however, we receive hair donations from people all over the world! Perhaps if you wanted to start a program in Australia, you could begin by contacting a non-profit organization such as the Cancer Counsel of Australia.

  14. Hi Aileen,

    Thank you for your interest. We do not hold cutting events…it is generous everyday people who do and we support them! When we find out about cutting events we try to post them on the blog to encourage as many people to participate as possible.

  15. Hi Teresa,

    Please give your sister our best. To receive a wig please contact your local American Cancer Society and they will be able to help you.

  16. Hi Amanda,

    Once Pantene Beautiful Lengths receives hair donations they are sent to Hair U Wear, which is the world leader in the category of ‘alternative hair’ accessories, extensions and systems. After the wigs are created they are distributed to American Cancer Society wig banks. Those in need of a wig can contact the American Cancer Society.

    Our goal is to ensure that all hair is used for a good purpose…even the hair that does not meet our requirements. So at this time we are storing unusable hair and researching some really interesting uses for this hair that will truly help the world.

  17. Hi Kelly,

    Men can absolutely donate their hair if it meets the requirements!

  18. Rebecca Caldwell

    If have highlights in my hair, does that mean that I have “permanent color” and am disqualified from donating?


  19. Can you tell me if my 7 year old can donate her hair or does it have to be an adult donating?

  20. i have hair that is almost to my butt. My questionis my mom is bald once again from chemo and radiation and i would like to have a wig made from my hair for her head. How do i go about having that done cheaply or free? I dont have much time only because she does not have much time and i would like her to have hair one more time before its too late.
    Thank you Stacy

  21. I want to donate my hair but it is very damaged at the ends and I have some layers so I don’t know if it would be usable if I donated. I have donated before and really want to do it again.

  22. Hi Nancy,

    That’s great that you want to donate again. We suggest trimming your ends to avoid damage and perhaps using a deep conditioner once a week. To fully assess your damage, you may want to see your stylist.

  23. Hi Stacy,

    Unfortunately, once your hair is donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths it cannot be tracked as to which wig it ends up in. Also, it does take several ponytails to make up one wig. If you would like to get your mother a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig, please contact the American Cancer Society. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

  24. Hi Carrie,

    People of all ages can donate their hair as long as they meet the requirements. The wigs, however, only go to women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

  25. Hi Rebecca,

    We suggest you contact you stylist for their analysis on the health of you hair. If your highlights are minimum and semi-permanent, your hair should be good to donate.

  26. today i cut 15 inches of my hair off in order to donate it, and i was wondering if you guys vary in the styles of your wigs (specifically longer haired wigs and shorter haired). This might seem like a weird question, but one of my friends (who had cancer) had a gorgeous wig that went a couple inches past her shoulders. When i first saw it, i had no idea it was a wig. 🙂

  27. Hi Melody,

    Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs come in several lengths (ranging from below the shoulders to a pixi cut). They come in many different colors as well! Since they are made of real-hair, they can be cut, styled and colored so it is hard to tell a woman is even wearing a wig.

  28. angela zografakis


    how can purchase a wig?
    i’m starting treatments as of monday august 17 and would like a wig…..can you help me?

    thank you,

  29. Where do I send my hair?

  30. Christine Hughes

    My daughter, who is 8, cut 10 inches, We want to donate it but want to give it to an organization that does not charge their recipients. I am to understand that the wigs from this organization are free of charge to the recipient?

    Do you send any type of thank you to the donor? I know that my daughter would think that was great. She is very excited about donating her hair.

  31. Hey,
    LOVE what your doing!
    I just wanted to know if I could send hair from Australia? I’ve researched hair donation in Aus but nowhere seems to do it.
    Thank you :]

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