Pantene Beautiful Lengths News!

Around the country, people are coming together.

One good do deserves another – Grand Coulee Dam Area
Friends Fighting Cancer, a group that annually competes to raise the most money for cancer research during the Relay for Life event, has joined with local hair stylists to offer an enticement one cut above the rest. People who have at least eight inches of hair they’d like to cut off can donate that length to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths.

Organizations gladly accept hair donations – Clarion Ledger, Mississippi
Q: My father recently read one of your columns on the subject of hair donations for adults. He would like more information about how to donate. – Amanda

RELAY FOR LIFE: At $320,000 and counting…. – The Ridge Field Press
According to Shine co-owner Stephanie Johnson, Relay participants were cheering on those getting their ponytails cut. Afterwards, they sent the locks to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which creates real-hair wigs for cancer patients. Donations were much appreciated, as it takes six ponytails to make just one wig

Hair today, gone… today – The Reading Advocate, Reading MA
Loud cheers and applause could be heard from the Barrows Elementary School cafeteria Monday afternoon as 13 girls, two moms and one teacher each held up their snipped-off ponytails.


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