Pantene Beautiful Lengths Sweeping the Nation


Wow!  The web is buzzing today with news about Hilary Swank’s upcoming hair donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  Here are a few of the stories, if you would like to see for yourself: 

People:  “Oprah Winfrey Chops Hilary Swank’s Hair”,,20155976,00.html

CNN:  “Winfrey Cuts Off 9 Inches of Hilary Swank’s Hair”

Access Hollywood:  “Oprah Gives Hilary a Swanky New Hairdo”


2 responses to “Pantene Beautiful Lengths Sweeping the Nation

  1. WHERE DO WE GO TO DONATE THE HAIR. I would not like to organize an event, but I would like to show up to an event to donate.

    WHERE CAN I FIND THIS INFORMATION. you should put it on your website.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for your interest in the campaign! We do try our best to feature all of the cutting events on our blog; however, because they are happening all over the country and coordinated by generous community members, it is hard to capture every one. In order to donate your hair, you can also go to your local salon and let them know you are donating and they can help you make the cut!

    Pantene Beautiful Lengths

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