Give the Gift of Hair

cover-11.jpgDuring the holiday season, when we are out buying gifts for loved ones, we often see charities trying to raise funds for their worthwhile causes.  When it seems like we are running on very small budgets, many of us wish we could give more.  Donating at least 8 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a great way to give a very personal donation to others in need during this holiday season.


28 responses to “Give the Gift of Hair

  1. My 11 year old daughter has lost 2 grandparents and an aunt to cancer in the past 3 years. Since then she has been determined to grow and donate her hair. She was so happy to make “the cut” during the holiday season to give her gift to someone in need. I am very proud of her!

  2. Where do I go to give hair? I have asked several salons they said I needed a form.

  3. Hi Margot,

    We are so glad that you would like to donate your hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths! There is no form needed to donate, you can simply bring a zipper-lock bag to your salon and include your at least 8-inch long ponytail in the bag. Then place the plastic bag in a padded or plastic envelope. Include your full name and return address and send to:

    Pantene Beautiful Lengths
    511 Wisconsin Drive
    New Richmond, WI 54017-2613

  4. Just started Chemo theraphy for breat cancer. I need help with a short wavy med. brown wig before my hair starts falling off. Thank You

  5. Hi Delia,

    To get a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig, you can contact your local American Cancer Society. They will be able to assist you and help answer any additional questions you may have about the wig. We wish you all the best.

  6. My school is hosting a Bald for Bucks fundraiser for cancer. I am donating my hair but i only want to cut off the 8 inches, not 10 from locks of love. do i cut my hair and bring it there, or will they do it for me?!

  7. Allyson Coleman

    Hi! My name is Allyson Coleman (i am 11) and I will be donating 12 inches of hair since I have enough on my head! I hope you all find all that hair usefull!

  8. Hi there,

    This was something offered during the beginning of the program…because we receive such a generous amount of donations, we are unable to do this anymore. However, you can download instructions on how to donate your hair by visiting

  9. Hello!

    I am about to donate my hair and I have a quick question… I have found two different addresses listed to send hair to and I want to be sure I send my hair to the right one! Where is the most current donation center located?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Sam, thanks for asking! The most current donation center address is below. We appreciate your ponytail!

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths
      Attn: 192-123
      43 Butterfield Trail Suite A
      El Paso, TX 79906

  10. I have found 3 different addresses where to send my hair donation, what is the most current address.

  11. Hi! I am getting ready to donate my hair in about 3 weeks and have a quick question about layers… Are they usable? If hair is layered how do you measure it? Does the longest strand count? Thanks!!! I’m very excited to make the cut!!!

    • Hi Sam!

      How exciting! Layers are definitely acceptable. However, all of the layers in your hair have to be at least eight inches to donate.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  12. Hi my name is Janet. I have cut 10 inches of hair and want to donate it. I just realized from reading your web site my hair has some highlights and low lights in it. This was done about a year ago. It is mixed in with my hair. I did not fully bleach my hair where am I able to donate now?

  13. Jennifer Romano

    What is the current donation address? Thank you!

  14. I sent our donation to the New Richmond, WI address a few weeks ago. It is confusing trying to find the address. :{ Please tell me our donation should be forwarded.

    • Hi Kim,

      As far as I know, you donation will be forwarded. However, if for some reason it gets sent back, just resend the hair to the correct address:
      Pantene Beautiful Lengths
      Attn: 192-123
      20770 Westwood Dr
      Strongsville, OH 44149


      • Thank you. I have not received it back so I hope it was forwarded. I included our information inside the mailer, will my daughter be contacted regarding her donation?

      • Hi Kim,

        Your daughter should receive a thank you letter in the mail. If she doesn’t please let me know!

        Thank you,

  15. Yesterday, December 31,2012, I finally made the decision to cut my hair that I’d been growing out for years. I’ve always had the intention to donate it and I’m very glad that the salon told me about this program! I’m proud to send my 8+ inch ponytail to help make wigs for cancer patients! Cancer runs in my family, and has affected and taken many members of it. My sister has also donated in the past! This program is fantastic… Looking forward to growing my hair out and donating again 🙂

  16. my granddaughter wanted to donate for her cousin who was killed in an accident and donated his organs as she still needs hers she wanted to give her hair is the address the last one posted

  17. kelseybischoping

    Hi, can I donate 8 inches of color treated hair. At one point I did have bleached highlights?

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