Confused About How To Donate Your Hair?


It’s easy!!!

If you have already reviewed the hair requirements and made the cut at home, at a cutting event or at a salon, place your dry ponytail, kept intact with an elastic band, in a sealed, zipper-lock bag. Then place the plastic bag in a padded or plastic envelope. Include your full name and return address and send to:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Attn:Β  192-123

20770 Westwood Dr

Strongsville, OH 44149

We appreciate every single heartfelt donation that will help make a wig for a woman with cancer.


376 responses to “Confused About How To Donate Your Hair?

  1. A couple more months and mine will be ready!

  2. My wife got 8″ cut today from her hair. When she came home our 4 year old took the rubber band off of the ponytail and all of the hair fell on the floor. We picked the hair up and put it back in a ponytail but it certainly doesn’t look it did when she first came home from the salon. Does anyone know if the hair is still usable?

  3. Hi Drew,

    Although the ponytail probably doesn’t look as neat as it did when your wife came home, as long as it fits the donation requirements and is held together in the elastic band as best as you could get it, it will be used. That must have been quite a mess! πŸ™‚

  4. my Daughter will be donation her Hair we are going in for the cut in an hour , she LOVES the thought of helping others. She is Just 7 years old !!!!

    I just want to make sure that no one makes a profit off off someone eleses good heart!!!!

  5. We are so excited that your daughter will be donating her hair! Pantene Beautiful Lengths does not sell donated hair and is appreciative of every hair donation that the campaign receives.

    • Ive donated my hair three times to locks of love. I didn’t know pantene did that. My hair is quite long and I usually cut it when it reaches my knees. I am lucky to have long fast growing hair. And I love to share my gift with those without it. What is the longest hair donation pantene has received so far? My last cut was 18 inches.

  6. My 6 year old daughter just had nine inches cut to donate! She is VERY exicited she could do this to help someone in need. Her hair looks really cute short!

  7. Pantene Beautiful Lengths sounds like the way I should donate my hair. I was wondering though when I donate my hair, do I get a card or something to let me know that Pantene got it?

    PS: I wish that there was a frequent asked questions section for this because I would like more information in general. Thanks for everything.

  8. Hi Amanda,

    Because Pantene Beautiful Lengths understands that every donation is a personal and extraordinary gift, each donor receives a personalized thank you letter after the donation is received.

    Thank you for your suggestion on how to improve our campaign website. We are currently working on including new helpful tools within the site ( to provide more information.

    • I heard recently of a friend that donated to another organization (I think Locks of Love) and she received a card a year or so later saying that her hair had been used in a wig and was being send out to a recipient…thought that was a pretty cool addition!
      I’m doing an event at my elementary school in 20 days…any support anyone has would be great! SO excited seeing my community coming together on this!!

  9. My twelve year old son has been working sooo hard to get his hair long enough to donate for Locks of Love. My friend just told me about Pantene’s program and he is so thrilled! He is sooo ready to get it cut (it is between 9 to 12 inches in different places) He has been called a girl soo many times and been given such a hard time by friends and school mates as you can well imagine but has stood firm to his commitment to help!. We hope to cut it tomorrow and get it to you as soon as possible. The ironic thing was that the only conditioner he liked to use for his hair was Pantene and we didn’t even know about the program! I think more people would donate if the word were to get out!
    Thanks for such a great program!

    • It is great your son was able to withstand the torments of the other kids. My friend and I decided to grow our hair out to donate. He had to give up early because of the teasing and we are a week from graduating college! Sad world we live in.

      Be sure to tell him how special he is (if he doesn’t already know)!

  10. When you make only one ponytail, a bunch of hair is wasted because that leaves a lot of hair at the front. I would suggest making about 4 ponytails (part in the middle then part each half) to minimize waste. It’s a pain to do, but worth the time.

    Just curious: if the longest part of the ponytail is only 8 inches, then the scraps from the front sides will be unusable, correct? Do you still use the parts that are long enough?

  11. Hey Beautiful Lengths! I was wondering if I could donate more than just 8 inches…

  12. Hi Lindsay,

    It is a great idea to secure the hair into multiple ponytails and then combine them into one zipper lock bag when you mail the donation in. This tends to give you a more even initial cut too. The parts that are 8 inches will definitely be used!

  13. Hi Amy,

    YES!! Eight inches is simply the minimal donation required to make a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig. We’ve seen a few donations that were more than 25 inches!

  14. I just saw the rerun on today’s Oprah Show of the Great American Haircut. I wish to be contacted about donating more than 3 feet from my hair that has been growing for at least 38 years and is below knee length. Oprah is my favorite entertainer and it is my desire to have her cut my hair. My daughter Diana, died of Leukemia 24 years ago and the most traumatic part of her treatment was loosing her waist length hair to chemotherapy.
    June Griggs

  15. My 8 year old is ready to cut her hair. Where can I take her to have it cut? Are there any saloons that are sponsors and will give her a free or discounted cut? Mostly, I want to take her to a place that will cut it properly so that her hair can be used to make a wig.

    Becky Bull

  16. Where would I find a listing of hair cutting places in my area who know how to do this type of cut?

  17. My daughter is 8 soon to be nine and has decided that she wants to donate her hair. There was a girl scout event that they were trying to set up a hair cutting event but it seemed to have fallen through. I would like for her to get some recognition or acknowledgement for her donation as one salon that would take care of sending the hair in was quite abrupt with us, so we decided to look into it on our own. She is a junior girl scout as is very service oriented and is so excited about sharing her hair with someone who could truly benefit from her hair.
    Roxanne Wright

  18. Hi Roxanne,

    We truly appreciate every donation that is generously given to the campaign. Pantene Beautiful Lengths sends personalized “thank you” notes to each donor upon receipt of the donation. It can take a couple of months before you may receive the note, but as long as you sent in a legible address along with donation, it will be sent to your daughter.

    Thank you!

  19. I’m hoping to get an answer as well, as to a salon sponsor list? Is there such thing? I thought there use to be one. I donated two years ago and found a sponsor and received a kit from the site.. Things have changed!! Help please!!

  20. I have 8 inches of hair that I want to donate, however my hair cut was shorter in the front that in the back and for that not all is in the same lenght, do I need to donate only the hair that is 8 inches long?
    Thank you for all you do to help women with cancer.

  21. Hi Maria,

    We suggest that you only donate the 8-inch pieces of hair, as this is the minimum hair donation requirement. Thank you for your donation!

  22. Hi Mindy,

    Unfortunately, we do not have a list of salons that will cut your hair for free if you would like to donate. We suggest contacting your local salons, as many offer free or discounted services to those who donate.

  23. When donating hair, does the hair have to be virgin hair? There isn’t any color, just perm.

    • Kim, I know this post was made a long time ago but I saw it and wanted to reply. Pantene doesn’t take chemically altered hair (colored or permed) but I just found out that Locks of Love will. Locks of Love is ten inches vs. Pantene’s eight but I’m happy to know that I can donate again: I was sad when I started highlighting my hair as I thought I’d no longer be able to donate.

  24. My 11yr old son, yes SON has been growing out his hair for the last year, been teased tons from school, but he finally has 9 1/2 inches and is very excited to donate it. Thank you so much for giving him this opportunity to give to others.

  25. If I’ve used Sun-In on my hair, does that fall under “bleached” and I can not donate?

  26. I am African American and growing my hair to make a donation. Essence Magazine recently profiled your efforts and inspired me to participate. Should the hair be cut and donated in it’s blow dried state or is it okay to submit hair in it’s flat ironed state? I am not sure if it makes a difference but since I have a ways to go to get to 8 inches, I thought I would inquire. Flat ironing ethnic hair gives it a little more length.

  27. My daughter who is almost 8 is so excited because she will be donating her hair soon. She had originally thought about locks of love but our hairdresser told her that she only needed to have 8 inches to donate to Pantene. Our hairdresser saw Hillary Swank on Oprah and has already helped some clients to donate to Pantene. My daughter can’t wait to donate!
    This is a great cause –
    Thank you Pantene!

  28. I have naturally curly hair that I straighten nearly every day. With my hair styled straight I have about 10 inches of hair that I would like to donate but it is significantly shorter when curly. I know that the hair should be dry at the time of the cut but does it matter if my hair is straight or curly?

  29. I recently donated 10 inches of my hair to Panteen Beautiful Lengths and feel great about the donation! When I went to get my hair cut, the beautician asked if I wanted to send it to Locks of Love or Panteen Beautiful Lengths – I was thrilled to hear Panteen had a program because I use your products faithfully. Prior to my haircut I did not know Panteen had a program…I think you should advertise on your product bottles – I believe more people would dontate if they knew! Thank You for helping so many needy people with Panteen Beautiful Lengths!

  30. Do you except hair from adults as well as children? My mother has black and gray course hair and wants to get her hair cut along with her granddaughter and donate it to help make wigs for cancer patients. When we looked up Lots for Love they mainly took children’s and she is worried that people will not want her hair.

  31. Hello,
    Does Pantene charge the patients in need money for these wigs?

    “Pantene Beautiful Lengths does not sell donated hair and is appreciative of every hair donation that the campaign receives.”

    I wanted to make sure, I read on other websites that real human hair wigs can cost from $100 to $300… I don’t know if that was for donated hair or not. Just knowing would give me even more piece of mind. πŸ™‚

    Thank you!

  32. Hi Sadie,

    Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs are FREE of charge!! Human hair wigs can cost quite a bit of money, however, this campaign distributes them to women at no cost.

    • My bestfreind has just been diagnosed n will be needing very aggresive chemo. her daughter herself and I all would like to donate but need to know how to go about getting her some wigs also

  33. Hi Melissa,

    Pantene Beautiful Lengths graciously accepts hair from people of ANY age as long as they meet the hair donation requirements located on the campaign website

  34. Hi Sydney,

    You seem to be ready to donate! As long as your hair is at least 8 inches long when it is straight you are good to go and you can cut it any way you wish!

  35. Hi Tonya,

    We are so glad that you saw the piece in Essence! As long as your hair is clean, dried and product-free you can donate. The style does not matter since hair is processed during the many steps it takes to create these wigs.

  36. Hi Kim,

    When you perm your hair you are chemically processing it, which often makes hair difficult to work with when it is going through the rigorous wig-making process. If you are interested in donating your hair, we suggest intensely conditioning your hair and allowing your perm to grow out.

  37. Hi Kathy,

    We recommend you speak to your stylist about your question, since there are different types of sun-ins and they affect hair differently.

  38. Today I had my hair cut (10-12 inches) so that I may donate to a worthy cause. The salon I went to cut and bagged the hair; however, they did not put it in a ponytail first. Can the hair still be used? Would you like me to remove it from the bag and make a ponytail? I would hate for the hair to go to waste.

    I also can not remember if he washed it first. I told him that I wanted to donate the hair but they apparently do not know the protocol.

    Thank you,
    Adriana Grande

  39. My aunt is about to start chemotherapy and would like to donate her very long, buy graying ponytail. Do you use graying hair that has never been chemically treated?

  40. My daughter and I are going to the salon in an hour she has 9 inch of hair to cut and she’s 9. I hope it will make somebody a little better for what they are going through right now. God bless them!!!

  41. My friend will be starting chemo soon and has shoulder length hair (her trademark). Is there any way for her to get a wig made of her own hair? Thanks

  42. I’d like to donate my hair to a family member that is not a child. I’d like to make sure that my hair goes into her wig. How can I go about this?

  43. Hi Pantene,
    So happy that you’ve stepped up to take on such a great role!

    I have hair that has changed color due to sun exposure. No chemicals used, and the pool I swim in is salt, not chlorine.

    Do I need to seperate that “sunned” top layer out before donating the rest?


  44. Hello! I’m ready to donate my 8 or 9 inches! Unfortunately I have split ends, so will my hair still be accepted? Would you recommend I trim it first or will that be taken care of when the wig is made? Let me know, thank you.

  45. I have 8″ of hair to donate but it has been slightly highlighted several months ago. I only put a few pieces throughout the crown of my head. Most of my hair is my natural color. Can I still donate my hair?


  46. If my hair is layered, can I separate it into 2 separate ponytails to make the 8″ requirement?

  47. I’ve been using Color Charm Demi-Permanent Haircolor with Color Charm Activating Lotion on my hair. If I donate a ponytail, can it be used?

    • Hi Kitty I read on a site that you used a demi-permanent hair color and asked if you could donate your hair. I’m thinking of using a demi-permanent hair color as I cant find a semi permanent color on the shelves. Were you able to donate your hair to Pantene Beautiful lengths who accept semipermanent colored hair? Pls advise asap as I am leaving for vacation in 2 days and want to be able to color my hair before I go but don’t want to ruin my chances of donating my hair. I contacted a rep at Pantene and she wasn’t sure about the demi permanent, but was going to try to get back in a few days after she enquired. Thanks

      • Hi Carie,

        Thank you for your question. Hair may be colored with vegetable dyes, rinses and semi-permanent dyes. It cannot be bleached, permanently colored or chemically treated. This is because permanently colored hair becomes too fragile and breakable under the rigorous processing required during the production of a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig.

  48. i just saw the program on oprah last week. My son has cancer so I have an understanding of what these ladies go through. Does this program operate in australia so that we can donate too? if not, why not?!

  49. I did it ! What a thrill to finally have enough hair for women’s wigs!! When I was 45 I donated 15 inches to Wigs for Kids. When I was 50 they got another 15 inches. They “lost” that one and that saddened me greatly. I am a disabled R.N.& this is one way I can still contribute to some one in need. I just couldn’t wait another 2 years for my 55 y/o cut so I did it yesterday, at 53. I have at least 9 inches on its way to you. I am glad to give it to such a great cause. Before my disability I used your products on a regular basis. Now, I am allergic to them,oh well. Thanks for this program. I have 3 breast cancer survivors in my inner circle so I do it to honor them. Keep advertising this program. Every time I see a woman with hair below her waist I explain the joy of donating hair. Some appreciate it, others don’t but that doesn’t stop me from spreading the word.
    You are awesome!
    In all things important–be well

  50. Hi Donna,

    If your hair is healthy and lightly highlighted, it may be suitable for donation. You might want to consult with your stylist before donating to ensure your hair is strong enough to withstand the wig-making process.

  51. Hi Jo-Anne,

    You can donate your complete ponytail. To keep hair healthy, you may want to use a conditioning mask once a week.

  52. Hi Amber,

    You may want to trim your hair first to ensure that you have at least a full 8 inches of healthy hair to donate.

  53. Hi Georgia,

    This program only provides wigs for women in the US and Canada at this time. However, we accept ponytail donations from all over the world!

  54. Hi Kitty,

    If your hair is healthy and colored with semi-permanent dye, you can still donate.

  55. Hi Rachel,

    The 8 inch requirement is the length requirement. So, if you would like to cut your longest layer to meet that requirement, you can.

  56. Hi Donna,

    If you hair is healthy, the minor color you still have in your hair shouldn’t be an issue.

  57. Hi Gina,

    Pantene Beautiful Lengths go to women only. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing who’s ponytail ends up in a specific wig.

  58. Hi Tracey,

    I’m sorry to say that Pantene cannot create a wig from your friend’s hair and be sure it goes to her. We suggest she take a look at the different colors and styles available that best look like hers now. These wigs can be cut and styled since they are made of real hair.

  59. Hi Lisa,

    We accept ponytails that are less than 5% gray. Gray hair tends to be very brittle and does not accept dye used on the wigs very well.

  60. Hi Adriana,

    It would be helpful if you secured it with an elastic. Thank you!

  61. Caroline Roberts

    I like my hair long so when I first grew my hair longer for donation I had my Girl Scout troop make 10 smaller braids before cutting. That way I was still able to cut
    the required length without having to cut more off to even what I had left. Ironically, at the same time I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so by using the same process but this time leaving only 1/2 inch on my head I was able to donate another batch. I asked Locks of love if this worked for them but I never heard back.
    I’m now almost 4 years post chemo and almost ready to donate again (I’ve trimmed regularly) Would the multiple small braids work for you?

  62. I just got my 8 inches cut into 8 ponytails, so I’m ready to send it in and checked back here for info. When I read that you can only accept 5% gray, I’m not sure my ponytails can be used. Since I’ve been dyeing it (w/ semi-permanent color charm), I don’t know how much is gray. I started out w/ less than 5%, but I don’t know what the percentage is now. My stylist said I had great hair, a number of times, so it’s healthy and holds the semi permanent dye well. Do you think you can use it?

  63. I used to use permanent dye on my hair (two years ago) but have been using semi-permanent ever since. Does that mean that my hair is unusable?

    • Hi Heather,

      You may want to consult your stylist on this matter. Semi-permanent colored hair is acceptable and hopefully your hair is healthy and has recovered from the damage of permanent dye.

  64. I just got my hair cut this weekend to donate for the first time. I’ve always been told it is the thickest any beautician has seen so hopefully it can be put to making a wonderful wig for someone in need. I read you send an acknowledgement card after receiving the donations. Do you let us know if you were not able to use the hair? And if so, a reason why (so that I can make sure to get it right the next time as I plan to continue to do this as much as I can). Thanks for this great program!

    • Hi Stacey,

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths sends acknowledgment of your donation, but does not specify as to whether your hair met the requirements and made into a wig. Rest assured that if you double checked the requirements and your hair meets them, it will be made into a wig. However, if hair doesn’t meet requirements it is still used to create mats that help clean up oil spills.

      • That is great to know! I hope that my hair will be in a wig, but I’m glad that if it doesn’t make the requirements it will help out the environment! So long as it doesn’t go to waste I am happy! I also emailed to double check on the Canadian address. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  65. Hello,

    I have been using Pantene for over 16 years faithfully and as a result, have had extremely healthly hair that grows quickly. I donated 11 inches in May 2007 to Locks of Love, not realizing that they actually charge their recipients!!?!. Afterwards, I found out about your organization and was excited to hear that you don’t charge for your wigs. I just went yesterday and had another 9 inches cut off and am very happy to report that it is on it’s way to you this time. I will continue to donate to you from now on and spread the word to others about the difference between you and Locks of Love – thank you for your wonderful organization and please keep working on getting to word out to more people!!

  66. I heard that some organizations do charge for their wigs, and I am glad to hear that you donate these wigs free of charge to cancer patients. Good for you! Pantene Beautiful is where I will be donating my hair!

  67. My 14 year old daughter and I are growing our hair so that we can donate together. My daughter has more than enough, but I have a while to go. Both of us have virgin hair that has no color and we do not use heat products at all. However, I do have a grey streak. Just out of curiousity, why are no grey wigs made?

    • Hi Jill,

      Gray hair, as well as some chemically-treated or permanently-colored hair, does not absorb dye at the same rate as other types of hair. It is much harder to color and, once colored, fades more quickly. Gray hair also tends to break during the rigorous wig-making process.

  68. if someone has layered hair and the longest layer is 10 inches, but some of it falls below the 8 inch standard – do you throw the hair away or sell it to off set the cost like Locks of Love? Hope to get an answer soon – I’m cutting it the 13 of this Month for my 25th b-day.

    • Hi Jesse,

      If hair falls below the 8-inch minimum, it is not thrown away. Hair that does not meet requirements is made into mats that help clean up oil spills in the enviroment. Donations to Pantene Beautiful Lengths are NEVER sold or thrown away.

  69. My daughter who is 12 has lots of hair, for a while she have been talking about selling it but I convinced her that donating for this cause would be more gratifying. Today she had her hair cut, I braided and it still measures 10 inches. We are happy that someone’s life got a little better with this simple act.
    We thank Pantene for giving us this chance to help.

  70. Hi
    I live in the UK and i was wondering can i donate my hair to Beautiful lengths?

  71. Is permed hair acceptable for Beautiful Lengths? I know it is for Locks of Love, but I can’t find anything on here about that requirement. I’m almost ready to donate, so I would like to know soon!

    • Hi Lauren,

      We do not encourage people with permed hair to donate their hair because it is considered chemically damage and may not withstand the vigorous wig-making process. Because this is such a precious gift, we want to try to ensure that every donation we receive will be made into a wig.

  72. My 7 year old daughter would like to cut her hair and donate it to Beautiful Lengths. She has about 18″ of medium to light blond hair. The problem is that she swims year round at the YMCA. I am concerned that her donated hair will be unusable because of the chlorine damage.

  73. Hi Kim,

    That is wonderful that your daughter would like to donate her hair. Because we can’t assess the damage of her hair, we recommend visiting your stylist and bring along the hair donation requirements located on

  74. My 9 year old daughter is interested in donating 9 to 10 inches of her hair. We are very pleased to hear that you do not charge your recipients for their wigs. We would like to help promote Pantene Beautiful Lengths by wearing a T-shirt that states what she has done so that she can encourage others to donate as well. Do you have anything like this available?

  75. Hi there! Three years ago I had 18 inches of my virgin hair cut off and sent to locks of love…but since then I have heard they sell the hair and charge cancer patients for the wigs. I have only heard AMAZING things about Pantene Beautiful Lengths!! I am 21 and now have another 18 inches to cut off…but twice a year I have blonde weaved into my hair (so it is colored, NOT bleached) my hair stylist says my hair is healthy and strong. Would you accept it? Thanks so much, have a great day :0)

    • Hi Megan,

      The campaign does not accept weaves because they cannot be made into wigs. Dyed blonde hair has a tendency to be very damaged and may not withstand the wig-making process.

  76. p.s. I have used Pantene products my whole life and Lβ™₯VE all of them!! THANKS again :0)

  77. My hair was highlighted in December of 08 and i would love to donate my hair to the beautiful lengths program. Although it is highlighted its very long and very strong healthy hair could I still donate it?

    • Hi Sarah,

      The ideal hair donation is that which is not dyed or chemically treated. If you feel as though your highlighted hair is strong and healthy, please consult with your stylist before donating to make sure it is healthy enough to withstand the wig-making process.

  78. Hi!
    I’m from Jakarta,Indonesia.
    I’d like to donate my hair for people who has cancer in my country, but don’t know how.
    Can you help me meet the best way?
    Do you have any partners in Indonesia?

  79. My hair is layered so I was wondering if all of it had to be 8 inches or just the longest layer?

  80. Hey Pantene.
    I’m fourteen years old and recently found out about this wonderful cause!

    My hair is nearly 8 inches, so I’m waiting a few weeks (or months) before I get my hair cut to give to you.
    I got highlights put in my hair last summer at the salon that are nearly grown out. I also have a few layers in my hair.
    I was just wondering if I can still get my hair cut when it gets to be 8 inches, and give it to this cause.


    • Hi Hannah,

      Thanks for thinking about donating your hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, it’s a very brave thing to do! Yes, you can still donate your hair if your highlights are grown out and, if you have layers, please make sure each layer is at least 8″ in length in order to form a complete 8″ ponytail.

  81. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. πŸ™‚ Cheers! Sandra. R.

  82. hi there,

    i would love to donate to this cause! Right now I am trying to pick a cause to donate my hair to, as i plan to cut off 8-10 inches of it. I read hair cannot be dyed. Does this mean bleach died (using harsh chemicals)? My hair was dyed close to 6 months ago, however it was died a red/brown color so it was not bleached at all. Is this acceptable? Also my hair is layered, therefore although the longest piece of ponytail would be close to 10 inches, a few pieces are much shorter. Can i still donate this ponytail? I know with Locks of Love you can donate as long as hair has not been bleached and you can donate layered has provided the LONGEST layer is of 10 inches. Please let me know! thanks so much!


  83. Hi,

    I cut off 8 inches intending to donate it to Pantene yesterday! I had to blow dry it when I got home, and I moved the elastic band several times to ensure that all strands were completely dry. It’s still held in a ponytail, but doesn’t look very neat anymore… is this still OK?

  84. Hi, my name is brittany. I have been wanting to doante my hair for the longest time. I’ve been searching for information about it and i need your help. I have fine thin hair, is that ok to donate? My hair is also layered is that ok also? And my hair has also been highlighted a couple times but it hasn’t been highlighted in about a 1yr and half is it still ok to donate? Thanks for your help!

  85. When I had my hair cut, I had her just leave me 5″ and had her hand me each piece she cut off. I carefully placed it all, wet, in a plastic bag until I could get home and lay it out on a towel to dry. She was pleased that she didn’t have to clean up all that hair and I was thrilled that I would be able to help someone. This may be the last time I can send hair. I’m 65 and in another year or two when I have enough to cut and send, I’m afraid it will be more than 5% white. That’s too bad cause one thing I can do is grow hair!

  86. Are you still taking donations? The Pantene sight is down.

  87. my hair is really curly so it does not look as long as it is. is that ok?

  88. I have been growing out my hair for a very long time. Obviously it is a slow grower! My hair is suuuuuper thick. As of now I have 9 inches, but my hair has been layered for a couple years and it would take a long time to make it grow at one length. I was wondering if the longest layer is 8 inches and the rest is in the middle and shorter, if that would still acceptable?

  89. Staci Schulster

    I just cut off 9 inches of my hair to donate to your organization πŸ™‚
    Can you please provide me with an address where I can mail my donation?
    I have donated to you before, but don’t have the address.


  90. How much hair do you have to get cut off to donate it

  91. How much does it cost (postage) to send the hair? What if your hair is a bit thick?

    • Hi Katherine,

      Thanks for your inquiry. It really depends on how much your hair weighs. I would check with your local post office to determine the total cost. It shouldn’t be expensive!

  92. I’ve been growing my hair out for 2 years. I was going to donate to Locks of Love, but Pantene only requires 8 inches, instead of 10. I finally have enough, and I have a hair appointment in 2 weeks. I’m so excited! Thanks for making this program!

  93. stephanie lopez

    I HAVE 12 inches to donate. I have very short hair now . But I wonted to donaet my hair for a very long time.i realy wanet to donaet my hair because i know that those kids and other people will love to have hair.. one other reason is because every single time i woch tv n see the krumishels of the kids that have cry …. thats my reason why i donated my hair.

  94. what if you want to donate your hair but you have knots in your hair can you still donate it?

    • Hi Vivian, thanks for checking with us!

      Yes, please still send in your hair for donation, but try and get as many knots out as you can! We look forward to receiving your ponytail.

  95. Hello! I’m finally ready to donate my hair! Supposedly I have between 10-13 inches (shortest to longest layers) I thought I still had a ways to go but my friends just measured… hooray! Problem is my ends are pretty unhealthy. It’s been awhile since I’ve cut. Should I trim my ends first before donating, or can I just take the plunge?


    • Hi Deanna – congrats on being ready to make the big cut, and thanks for choosing to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

      We say, take the plunge! We’ll make sure any extremely unhealthy hair is removed before processing your ponytail.

  96. I’m really excited about donating my hair!

    I have a question though…

    I have long layers, so is it okay if some parts of the ponytail are under 8 inches? Should I donate the whole ponytail or just the 8 inch part?

    • Hi Anya – we’re excited that you’re donating your hair too! Unforunately, we can’t use any hairs that are under 8 inches, as it’s too short for making a wig. I encourage you to keep growing (tips here for healthy hair maintenance), or to donate a ponytail with just your 8 inch hairs. Good luck!

  97. hi there πŸ™‚

    i’m 13 years old. & my hair is cut into heavy layers. but i’m planning on growing them out so i can donate them. it’s getting pretty long now. & i’m wondering if i can donate the long enough layers.? & the thing is that, i have random white hairs growing. it’s in the genetics. & they’re all virgin hair. am i still allowed to donate it.?

  98. All of the replies about grey hair make it sound like ALL hair gets dyed while going through the wig-making process. Don’t any of the wigs end up being natural? I read that many ponytails are needed to make just one wig. But my hair – 12 inches, no layers – was cut off in 4 ponytails because it was so thick, and even that was difficult! I like to think they could make a wig just by themselves. They are such a beautiful almost-black color.

  99. Question: Why can’t I donate my over 50%gray hair?
    I have been growing it and just found out on your website that it cannot be more than 5% gray. I am very disappointed that this is a problem.

    • Hi Shirley, thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. To answer your question, gray hair is difficult to use in the wig-making process so it is preferred that no more than 5% of hair is gray at the time of donation. Gray hair, as well as some chemically-treated or permantly-colored hair, does not absorb dye at the same rate as other types of hair. It is much harder to color and, once colored, it fades more quickly which will ultimately affect the quality of the finished wig.

  100. I’m going to get my hair cut for this program right before summer starts but I would like to know if there is any requirement on how long you have to wait to get your hair cut after you’ve been in a chlorine pool. The night after i’ve been in chlorine, I wash my hair with a purifying shampoo and before I get in the pool I spray my hair with a spray that is supposed to protect it from chlorine, so I try to protect it as much as possible anyways.

    • Hi Claire, thanks for leaving a comment! Feel free to send in your 8inch ponytail as long as your hair is dry when you make the cut. No need to worry about the effects of chlorine. Check out the additional requirements here.

  101. Hi, I’ve been growing my hair out for quite some time now! However, long hair is not looked upon fondly by many of my friends, family, and coworkers (apparently a man with long hair looks “unkempt”). Is there any way to expedite the process by cutting multiple pony tails close to the scalp and then combining them? Or does it all have to be one large pony tail collected from the back of the neck? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Matt, I totally hear you! It’s wonderful that you’ve decided to donate your long locks to Beautiful Lengths! You can absolutely send in multiple ponytails, as long as each ponytail is at least 8inch in length. Check out the rest of our ponytail requirements here.

  102. Hey, you skipped answering my question from September 7th! I wanted to know if all hair gets dyed when being made into wigs because of the replies to the questions about gray hair. I have to say I’d be bummed to think my beautiful black hair ended up being a blonde wig. Frankly, that would ruin it. (I’ve tried it.) It’s so dark I’ve had trouble just lightening it to red. (The 12 inches I cut off are natural.)

  103. i donated my hair less than 2 years ago and i am getting ready to donate it again. i was wondering what is the least amount of hair you have to have to donate?

  104. I just cut 12″ tonight and have a couple of questions about if the beautiful lengths program will accept it. I had it chemically straightened about 1.5 years ago. I’m sure that the bottom 4 or so inches are still some of the hair that was straightened. However it’s very healthy and not dried out at all. Can you use this hair or not really? If you can’t I will donate it elsewhere but would rather send it in to your program if you can use it.

    • Hi Jessica, thanks for writing to us! I encourage you to still send in your ponytail. By your description, it sounds like your hair will be healthy enough to accept for our wig-making process.

  105. Hi, I just cut 12+ inches of hair and would like to send it to your program. Is it okay if the hair is banded in a braid? My stylist suggested that would be the best way to send it to reduce the possibility of it falling apart. Also, are there any official forms to fill out?

    • Hi Diann – thanks for making the kindest cut of all! Yes, we will accept the ponytail in a braid. No, there are no official forms. Make sure you include your mailing address when you ship the ponytail so you can receive a Thank You note! Also, the ponytail shipment address JUST changed. Please send to:

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths
      Attn: 192-123
      20770 Westwood Dr
      Strongsville, OH 44149

      • HI,

        I tried to send my hair in and it got returned to me “return to sender; refused; unable to forward”. Is this still the address or is there a new one? The Pantene website still lists this one but my packed as “refused”… ?

      • Hi Laura!

        I am sorry that happened! Please resend your ponytail to:

        Pantene Beautiful Lengths
        Attn: 192-123
        20770 Westwood Dr
        Strongsville, OH 44149

        Just make sure you and your stylist follow the cutting and packaging instructions on our website.

  106. Hi, I want to send in my hair, however part of it is highlighted. If the highlighted is unusable, does it get sorted to be used for oil cleanup mats and the normal hair will be used for wigs?

  107. I have black hair and I higlighted my Hair 5 yrs ago not blonde more like a light brown highlights. Now it’s just dye to my normal hair color. can I stil donate my hair.

    • Hi Ally,

      Thank you for your question. Hair may be colored with vegetable dyes, rinses and semi-permanent dyes. It cannot be bleached, permanently colored or chemically treated. This is because permanently colored hair becomes too fragile and breakable under the rigorous processing required during the production of a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig.

  108. I am thinking of donating my 5 year old daughter’s hair and have been looking into the different hair donation charities and was wondering if Pantene only gives the wigs to women or children too. Do you charge the recipient for the wigs?

    • Hi Meg,

      How wonderful that your daughter will be donating her hair! Pantene Beautiful Lengths donates to women who have lost their hair to cancer. And we do not charge women for their real-hair wigs!

  109. Hi,
    I was wondering if I could still donate my hair if my longest layer is about 10 inches, and my shortest layer would be cut so that it would have a length of 8 inches.
    Would it still be accepted?

  110. My husband is about to cut off 19 inches of beautiful, curly, healthy hair. We want to make sure that it goes into a free wig and isn’t sold. Do you sell hair? Also, how old do you have to be to receive a wig?

  111. Hannah Standiford

    Hi Beautiful Lengths,

    I am going in to get my hair cut tomorrow for a donation, but I had a question. I got my hair chemically treated 8 months ago in August. Has it been a long enough time so that I can still donate?? I hope so!


    • Hi Hannah!

      Thanks for writing to us! I encourage you to still send in your ponytail. By your description, it sounds like your hair will be healthy enough to accept for our wig-making process.

  112. Natalie McIntire

    I have between 9-10 inches of hair to donate, but I have noticed that the pony tail is thicker at the top than at the bottom. I’m guessing that means that not all the hairs are actually 9 inches, maybe some are less than 8 inches. Is donating this hair still acceptable?


    • Hi Natalie,

      I definitely think your hair is acceptable to donate! However, if you feel like you need a second opinion, as your stylist as he/she will be able to offer first hand insight.

      Thanks for considering the kindest cut of all!

  113. i want to donate my wife hair for cancer people in india where i can donate her hair in india

  114. I lightened my hair with hydrogen peroxide. This didn’t cause drastic results, but it was noticeable. Is it donateable?
    My hair is in good condition, and I don’t think hydrogen peroxide is as strong as bleach.

    • Hi Emily!

      Thanks for writing to us! I encourage you to still send in your ponytail. By your description, it sounds like your hair will be healthy enough to accept for our wig-making process.

      All the best,

  115. I think my hair is acceptable but if I send it in and it is deemed unacceptable, what happens to the hair? Does it get discarded?

  116. Hi, I’m shaving my head for St Baldrick’s and also want to donate the hair to the Pantene program, My hair is from 7″ to 9″ long, depending on what part of my head. I was going to make it into several small ponytails before shaving it off to minimize waste.

    My question is, besides is this acceptable practice for a donation… does the cut at the top of the ponytail have to be straight across, like from scissors, or can it be somewhat uneven, like if I pull the ponytail out taut and cut it close to my head with clippers?

  117. Angie.thecutabove

    I work in a hair salon where people donate hair a lot. I was wondering how to send hair in bulk to you. Our salon was just made aware that you donate the wigs to patients for free.
    Thank you for your help,

  118. Shawn Paulsen

    I have 5 inches of hair length -scalp to end of hair folical- with a 3 inch “ponietail”. It has taken 11 months to grow this length making this 3-5 year project. Being a 42 year old man I just dont think I can grow a 8 inch ponietail anymore. Can I shave my hair at the scalp when it is over the 8 inch mark or do I have to have a ponie tail?
    Thank You,

  119. Hi,
    I am wanting to donate my hair, but my hair is different lengths. Do you except hair if its not all the same length?
    thanks! πŸ™‚

  120. Hello! I want to donate my hair sometime next spring (I use it during the winter, haha) and I was just curious: if I made six ponytails out of it (about 12 inches in length) could they be used to make a single wig? It’s very thick and curly.

  121. I have been growing out my hair for over two years and I have about 12″ to donate. The top 6 or 7″ is virgin hair, but the bottom few inches were lightened (not BLEACHED, but chemically lightened) when I first started growing out my hair almost three years ago. I haven’t used any chemicals on it since, other than a non permanent dye to match my roots. It is super strong, thick and healthy and I would really love to donate it, I just want to make sure that it can still be used!

  122. Hi! I have donated before and wanted to see if the program is still being done I couldn’t find the form. Thank you!

  123. My husband cut his long hair but it’s loose in the zip-lock bag, and not in a ponytail. Can we still donate it?

  124. I want to donate my hair…except my hair is super layered…at the point where i will chopping it all off…i have a range of 2 inches to 12 inches for the longest hair…for the shorter hair, will they be thrown away? or will you be able to use it as well?

  125. Hi, if i donate more than 8 inches, will you throw away the extra hair? Do you have a standard wig that you make?

  126. Is this still the right address to donate to?!

  127. I recently cut 8.5-9in. Of hair off my babysitters hair and she and I are both excited to donate it to help someone who has lost theirs! Both of us have had friends and family members w cancer and have witnessed the hardship that goes along w it. I just want to be sure u can accept her hair since it has been colored and highlighted in the past. When i go to hair requirements it just brings me to ur hm page??? Please let me know the requirements….

  128. i am ready to donate! I am giveing this as a gift to a friend who lost her mom. It would be nice to have an official certificate to hand her.
    Does anyone do this or is there an official certificate on line to fill out and print? Lisa

  129. Can the hair be permanently coloured or not and how long does it have to be?? I have (dyed) black shoulder length hair and I want to donate it for my 13th birthday in November!! Can this be answered soon please?

  130. You guys are as bad as facebook. I have 12 inches of natural hair to donate and you ignored my question both times. In the meantime I get multiple responses to other people’s questions to my email all the time and they all ask the exact same questions. “Can I donate layered hair?” “Can I donate dyed hair?” “Can I donate 7 inches?” You answer the same questions over and over and you ignore me.

    • Hi, Ivy. I read your question(s) and just from my knowledge of wigs and wig-making (I do them for use on-stage, which is not as rigorous as “living” wig-making), the darker hair tends to be strongest, so your hair would be GREAT for making a wig. Unless “Beautiful Lengths” is extremely unusual, similar-hued and -textured tails are grouped to make a wig so it is quite likely that all of your (single) donation will all go into the same wig (from my experience, 3 to 5 average tails are required to make a single wig). I know that I would be THRILLED to get enough hair from a single donor to make a wig as it would require a lot less processing.

      The dying process is to make sure all the hair in the wig matches.
      Since it weakens the hair to lighten it, I think it is VERY unlikely that they would attempt to make a blonde (or even a lighter brown) wig from your hair. The less change that has to be made, the better.

      Good luck and I hope that you choose to donate to this worthy cause.

      • Christa, thanks for the response. It was really just curiosity because of the responses to the gray-haired ladies who wanted to donate. I figured sure, gray hair is hard to dye, but there must be some older women who would want gray wigs… so what do they do, dye blonde hair gray? Maybe I asked too much of a question. They seem to have a pretty standard response to everything!

  131. I haven’t gotten my thank-you note yet, but I donated in mid-October and didn’t mail it til mid/late-October. When should I expect my thank-you note?

  132. I have a question…since you can straighten your hair before you cut it, can I still donate mine even though it has some split ends? I donated once before when I was 13 but back then I didn’t do anything to it so I didn’t have to worry about anything because my hair was very healthy. I actually started straightening it bacause of that; it was so short for me. So since then I’ve been straightening it almost everyday. However, the split end are not noticible so it’s nothing terrible. Also, my hair is cut into long layers so how would I measure the 8 inches? And back to my first question, can I even donate it?

  133. A
    group of six or more coworkers and myself will be donating at the Relay for Life in Branson, MO this June 2012. I hope others will join us!

  134. I have been wanting to donate my hair since a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer….my hair has minimal highlights that were done two years ago. My stylist says my hair is super healthy. Can i donate my 12 inches?

  135. I am 8 months pregnant and my hair has been growing longer and longer every month thanks to the baby’s hormones. I figured the best way to thank my baby for such beautiful and shiny hair was to go full circle and donate my hair back to children. I am donating my hair tomorrow at Mark Garrison Salon in NYC!

  136. Do I have to have it in a zipper lock bag.

  137. I was wanting to know if pantene Is still doing the hair donations?

  138. Can I donate my hair if it has been highlighted? I had dyed it brown then when I wanted to go back to blonde I highlighted it twice. I’ve donated before and want to do it again but not sure if I can and I can’t find the requirements on the website

  139. I’ve been growing my hair for almost 2 years now it’s currently waist length, but thing is I live in Egypt, can I still donate? Can I fedex the hair or something? Please reply soon

  140. Sandra Hernandez

    Hello to everybody, recently I cut my hair with the intetion of donating it but Im not sure how does this company works, does they sell the wig is there a phone # where I can talk to the represantative who can give me more information please let me know as soon as possible

  141. Just cut 10″ off my hair yesterday and getting ready to have it mailed on Tuesday. My aunt had breast cancer a few years back and lost all of her hair from the chemo. I am so excited to start growing my hair to donate again in the next two years!

  142. Does Pantene still take donations? I can’t find any information on the website. My 4 year old just got 9″ cut off and that’s not enough for other donation sites.

  143. I am getting ready to donate my hair in about one week! but i am nervous because i dont know if the hair color i used almost 2 months ago was semi or permanent hair dye, what can i do?

  144. Hello, I have about 14 inches of hair to donate. My question is I had it highlighted years ago i do not have highlights anymore, and have been dying it a medium brown color ever since. My hair is healthy and thick. My hairdresser uses a very good quality hair dye, I really want to donate my hair would it be accepted?

  145. I am a 15 year old male. I am sending 24 inches of my hair. I have been growing it for 5 years. I’m happy a cancer patient will enjoy my hair as I once did.

  146. Last summer i got very small highlights put in just at the crown of my head. I only got about 6 and you can’t even see them anymore; also, they were not extremely light, just a little lighter than my natural color. My hair is really healthy, so can I still donate it? If I have to, could I just separate that little section at the top of my head and donate the rest? I hope so, because this is really important to me! Also, not sure if this is important or not…last October for breast cancer awareness I dyed a tiny piece of my hair with pink kool aid and it is faded but not completely. This isn’t really “permanent dye” so is this a problem? I could separate that from my ponytail too…thanks!

    • Hi Emily,

      The semi-permanent pink dye should not be an issue. I would separate the highlighted portion of your hair before donation, though. Since it is dyed with a permanent dye, it won’t be usable. The rest of your hair will be just fine for donation. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for making the kindest cut!

  147. Also I forgot to add to my question above…after I got the highlights I have had darker semi-permanent dye put in my hair once or twice, but by reading your website I don’t think this should be a problem.

  148. If Pantene does not accept 80% gray hair (all natural, no dye), is there anyone else who does? I am 55 and my hair is well below my waist but not to where I could sit on it (yet). I am considering donation but want to be sure this hair would be put to real use in making a wig for an older woman who would not mind a gray hair wig.

  149. Brenden Merchant

    I am sending my hair in today. I am a guy and grew my hair out just to donate. When I found out that Locks of Love made a profit from their wigs and Pantene gave them away for free, I knew where to send mine. Thanks for all you do.

    B. T. Merchant

  150. Sandra Hernandez

    Hello my hair is ready and it will be send by mail soon, but I was thinking that it will be really nice to know who received it or at least a thank you award letter from the pantene team for our efforts donating our precious hair

  151. Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to have donations go to a specific recipient? We have a young woman in town who was the victim of a violent crime and is currently fighting so hard for her life. People from our town and surrounding towns have been asking about donating to a cause for her to have wigs made so that she will have one less thing changed in her life when she finally comes back to us. Thank you so much for your time!

    • Hi Trish,

      I am so sorry to hear about your neighbor. Pantene Beautiful Length’s usually does not assign donations to a specific person. However, please e-mail us at and we can see if an exception can be made.

      Thank you!

      • Thank you so so much, and another thank you for such a quick reply. I really appreciate the thought and time taken to address this question for me. You have no idea how much this would mean to her, and does mean to our community.
        Thanks so much again!

  152. i am wanting to donate my hair, but when i put it up in a pony tail it isn’t exactly 8 inches but it is like 7.5 is that still ok?

    • Hi Emily!

      Thank you for considering making the kindest cut of all! We are thrilled that you want to donate but can only accept hair that is eight inches. Will you wait until your hair grows a bit longer and then donate?

      Thank you so much!


  153. Hello,

    I am thinking of donating my hair, but I’m worried that it is a bit damaged (some split ends here and there) and will be unusable.Is there a restriction on this? It is currently undyed and has not been chemically treated.

  154. Hi! I’ve been wanting to donate my hair for a very long time, and now my middle school is actually holding a make a cut event! I think it’s great, but unfortuanatly, i died my hair about 2 months ago. It didnt make much of a difference to the color. If i do cut my hair, would beautiful lengths take it? Thanks!

  155. how long does your hair have to be to donate it for it??

  156. nevermind

  157. Can I donate my hair even though it is layered?

  158. Hello!! I used the product Sun-In Lemon this summer and the product its made of hydrogen peroxide and it says its permenant but one of the earlier post you said peroxide was okay. Is my hair still usable? If not what If I use a semi-permenant dye to make it even again? Could it be usable then? I have 12 inches I can possibly donate.

    • Hi Valerie,

      Thank you for considering making the kindest cut of all! Sun-In does count as a permanent dye because it is made with peroxide. However, if you have eight inches of hair that hasn’t been bleached with Sun-In you can definitely donate!


      • Is there A way I could still donate the hair by re-dying it or using a product to remove the highlights?? Would using a Semi-Permenant dye fix it? and I only used it on the top of my hair and made sure the under part did not get any on it when I cut it at the event should I go ahead and cut it all together than seperate it or seperate it then cut it?

      • Hi Valerie!

        A semi-permanent dye will not fix the fact that you already dyed your hair with permanent dye. However, I encourage you to definitely still donate your healthy hair. Just separate the dyed hair from the hair that is not dyed after you cut it.

        Thank you!

  159. janeen Richards

    I had my hair cut and I am mailing it to Pantene Great Lengths tomorrow in memory and in honor of my mother, Bonnie Farley who died of lung cancer in August. 2011.

  160. janeen Richards

    I had my hair cut and I am mailing it to Pantene Great Lengths tomorrow in honor and memory of my mom, Bonnie Farley who died of lung cancer in August, 2011.

  161. i saw somewhere that you have to turn in a form with the donation… is that true? Thanks!

  162. Hi! I was going to cut my hair and figured if I’m getting my hair cut why not do it for a good cause. πŸ™‚ So I measured my hair and found that it met the length requirement. This cause is very important to me because my aunt had breast cancer, my grandpa died from bone cancer, and my best friend had cancer as a child. I was very excited about this cause……then I learned the requirements. I had my hair highlighted a couple months ago on the crown of my hair. My hair still seams very strong, healthy, and thick, but I am becoming worried that my hair might not work. I’m now a teenager and I think this will be a great new thing for me and my school members that I will be encouraging to donate they’re hair. Please tell me my hair will still work!

  163. It doesn’t tell me anything about donating my hair on the Pantene website!

  164. I am planning on donating my hair but I am unsure if the ponytail should be cut wet or dry? Thanks!

    • Hi Arielle,

      The ponytail can be cut wet or dry. However, before your send us any hair, the ponytail must be completely dry.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  165. Mikayla Heckler

    MY Junior Prom is coming up and I really want highlights. If I get highlights and then wait a couple years until I’m back to my natural hair can I still donate? I’ve donated like 4 times now but I want to keep the tradition. I really hope I can keep donating

  166. I have always had shoulder length hair. My sister is constantly growing out her hair and then donating it. I decided to join her and will be getting 10 inches cut off tomorrow! I can’t wait! It is for such a wonderful cause!

  167. I am 55 years old I am ready to donate my 15″ ponytail.where in Canada is the address to mail it to. Thanks.

    • Hi Laura,

      Thank you for making the kindest cut! We really, really appreciate it! Please mail your ponytail to:

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths

      Attn: 192-123

      20770 Westwood Dr

      Strongsville, OH 44149

      Thank you!

  168. Hi, my daughter was thinking about getting her hair cut and donating it. We are curious to how your charity works? Do the people receiving the wigs have to pay for the wigs? Or do you pay for them to be made and then give them as a charity.

    • Hi Jane,

      We are so happy to hear that your daughter wants to donate her hair!

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths’ real hair wigs are distributed free of charge to women undergoing cancer treatment through select American Cancer Society Wig Banks across the country.

      Thank you!

  169. Hi, I’m planning on donating my hair within the next several weeks, but was wondering if i can straighten my hair before i cut it? that way i’ll be able to make sure i’m getting at least 8 inches.

  170. I have 10 inches of thick brown curly hair that i would love to donate to your charity!! The only problem is that i swim very often and i was wondering if the chlorine would mess up the wig. Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Anna,

      As long as your hair is not permanently color treated or more than 5% grey then you can definitely donate. The chlorine will not be an issue.

      Thank you so much for your support of Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

  171. Hi! I’m wanting to donate my hair (still have some growing to do though as it has some short layers!). My question is, that I have SUPER thick hair and therefore get it texturized or “thinned-out” every 8-10 weeks. Would I still be able to donate?

  172. I have 18-20inches of hair I would like to donate. My hair is naturally ink black and curly. My concern is that based on the texture and color it may not be accepted for donation as it will not take color unless bleached and there may not be enough other donations that match my texture.

    My hair has minimal greys, healthy, heat used 1-2x per year, not chemically straightened or curled, and I only use clear or black rinses on my hair to help promote shine (by the way I miss midnight expressions). Will my hair be used for donation?

  173. i had some transparencies done to my hair. only two shades lighter and there was no bleaching of the hair. can i still donate my hair?

  174. Kelly Boisvert


    I tried to highlight the crown of hair years ago with permanent dye (not bleach). The dye however, did nothing- the color never changed, even right after the processing. Since it never changed color, I’m not sure how to tell if the affected portion grew out. Would it be possible to separate the area I highlighted, and just donate the under layers? If I missed a couple strands (possible, since they look identical) would that disqualify the whole ponytail?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Kelly,

      I am sure your hair is fine to donate. If you feel more comfortable just donating the under part of your hair that is fine! But if you get a few dyed strand in there it is no biggie.


  175. I dyed my hair almost five months ago to a dark blonde color from a dark brown. However I did not bleach it Can I donate it?

    • Hi Tessa,

      Unfortunately, we cannot accept hair that has been chemically treated with dyes.

      Thank you so much for thinking of Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

      • I’m interested in donating my hair, but over the summer I had sprayed it with a homemade hydrogen peroxide/lemon juice mix for a subtle lightening. It wasn’t a strong effect (I think), but does this mean my hair is unusable?

      • Hi Anna,

        I am actually not sure about that! The lemon juice was fine, but the peroxide may count as a chemical. I will check with the ACS and get back to you.


  176. Hey, this may be a dumb question, and situation, but I cut my hair about a month and a half ago, planning to donate it, but i havent had the time or chance. its still in the rubber bands, and bag. Is it still good to use? or is it probably dead and unusable?

  177. How many inches does it have to be??

  178. I would like to donate my hair but how old do you have to be?

  179. Traci Duckworth

    My brother passed away from cancer 1 yr ago and we would like to help out another cancer patient. My 3 yr. Old daughter just got between 7-8 inches of her hair cut. Is there any way we can send it in? She is very excited to have sort hair.


    • Hi Tracy,

      I am terribly sorry to hear about your brother. Your daughter can definitely send it her hair. The minimum amount of hair required to donate is eight inches.

      Thank you!

  180. Hi!
    My daughter is a girl scout and has donated to locks of love and wigs for kids and would like to donate to Pantene. Do you offer a patch that we can buy or know of a place we could get them from. We have a few girls that like to donate and we like to recognize them for it.

  181. Hi there! I am looking forward to donating my hair for the first time! πŸ˜€
    I have layers in my hair and as just measured my longest layer is 9″ unstraightened. Would it be alright to create multiple smaller ponytails for each layer, ensuring that every ponytail is at least 8″? If so, should I then combine them into one or leave them separate?

    Thanks so much for your time!

    • Hi Hayley,

      How you decide to donate your hair, whether in multiple ponytails or just one is your preference. However, as long as the bulk of your hair is eight inches, the shorter layers should not be an issue.

      Let me know if you need anything else.


  182. I want to donate my hair to a classmate, how do I do it?

    • Hi Daisy,

      It is takes many ponytails to make a single wig. Because of that, you cannot makes requests for who your hair goes to. However, you can definitely donate your hair in honor of your friend. Also, I can assure you that you will be making a huge difference in the life of whoever gets the wig with your hair in it.

      Let me know if you need anything else.


  183. Josielyn Wilton

    I had Style of America in Frisco, Texas cut off 10 inches of my hair to be donated to the Breast Cancer Society in loving memory of my beautiful and courageous cousin who died of breast cancer 3 years ago in San Diego. She had used the remaining 4 years of her life helping other cancer patients in their struggle. She was a fighter. We miss her dearly. I am also donating my hair for the fast recovery of my aunt in Lakewood who is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer at the moment. The nice hairdresser told me that I can send my hair to Wigs for Kids or Locks of Love. However, I found online that Pantene Beautiful Lengths cater to cancer patients. Therefore, I will be sending my hair and hope that it will serve its purpose in making a difference.

    God bless,

  184. Rebecca Rossick

    This is my daughters second time donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. She is 10 years old and has a passion for this cause.

  185. Hello, my boyfriend has very short hair, but wanted to know if he could donate the trimmings (probably around an inch or so). I know the requirement is 8 inches, however I’ve read that Locks of Love is able to use the pieces like these to sell and help with production costs. Can pantene make use of these short pieces in order to help fund the efforts?

    Also, I am going to donate my hair, which would easily fit into one ponytail. But does it make any difference whether or not I seperate it into two or three ponytails?

    Thanks, Julia

    • Hi Julia,

      I will have to follow up about your boyfriend’s hair. However, in regard to your hair you can donate it in one ponytail or in multiple ponytails. It is totally up to you!


  186. Are you still accepting donations? I have tried to go to the website but just keep getting the Pantene product page. Where do I send the hair? Is there a form I need to fill out?

    • Hi Yvette,

      Please send your hair to:

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths

      Attn: 192-123

      20770 Westwood Dr

      Strongsville, OH 44149

      You do not need to fill out a form, just make sure your ponytail is bounded, completely dry and in a plastic bag.

  187. I am having my entire thyroid removed in August for suspicion of cancer. If the final biopsy report says that it is cancer the Dr said I would need radiation. I have been growing my hair for several years and had plans to donate next year. But if I need radiation would they still take my hair? Or would I have to donate it before the radiation?

  188. I’m curious what happens to hair that is donated that doesn’t meet the requirements. (Too short, too gray, dyed, etc.) I’m sure there are plenty of donations that don’t meet the requirements. Just wondering if that hair gets thrown out? Donated to another cause? Sold to offset the costs of the program?

    • Hi Sarah,

      I will have to check with the company that makes the wigs to find out what happens to unusable hair. I am sure it does not get thrown away. I am just not sure how it is used.


  189. I had my hair chemically straightened over 2 years ago. I believe it has grown out enough because it’s wavy again. How would you determine if my hair is usable or not?

  190. I have naturally blonde hair, and I had highlights and lowlights put in about 6 months ago. Since then, they have all faded out and you cannot even tell I had them put in. My hair is thick, and has always been strong and healthy. Am I still able to donate even though I had the highlights and lowlights?

    • Hi Erin,

      You will need to allow your highlights to grow out before you can donate. Even if the highlights have faded, the chemicals are still in your hair.

      Let me know if you have any additional questions!


    • Hi Ericka. Pantene doesn’t take highlighted hair but Locks of Love does! Loves of Love actually takes died or permed hair in general: You have to have 10 inches minimum so sounds like this will work for you. The hair goes to children with cancer whereas Pantene’s program goes to women with cancer. I hope this helps!

  191. Hi I’m Anika and I’m 12. I love the idea of donating my hair, but just looking at the address I’m wondering is this in America or somewhere?? I’ve never seen an address like that! Please I still want to donate my hair but it will be hard if it’s an American thing seeing as those I’m in Australia. Thanks πŸ™‚ xx

  192. I would like to donate my hair but I have been dying it blonde. I have natural sandy blonde hair but dye the top half. I do not “bleach” my hair per say but I lighten it slightly. Is this acceptable? I would have 10-11 inches of very healthy “lightened” hair to donate. I would also like to rally a group of women with long hair (I know quite a few) to donate and would like the clarification. Thank you!! Big hugs to your foundation! ❀ Ericka

  193. I have been wanting to dip dye my hair pink but, I might have to bleach it first. My hair was recently cut this year. Will I be able to donate my hair again in about two years if I dye it this year?

  194. My hair was permed over a year ago. I am growing it out in hopes of donating to Beautiful Lengths in Honor and in Memory of some wonderful people. If the perm is completely grown out,, will you accept the donation? It wasn’t very clear on the website, it kind of sounded like you could never take chemically treated hair. Thanks for the info!

  195. Hi,

    How many full heads of hair does it take to make one wig?

    I read the stats as six ‘ponytails’, but some people divide their hair into multiple ponytails before they cut it.

    So in short: How many full haircuts does it take to make one wig? Is it really six?

    Thank you.

  196. Hi I used Sun-In in my hair years ago and I was wondering if its still ok to donate?

  197. would I be able to shave my head and donate roughly about 8.5″?

  198. My natural hair color is dirty blonde. A few years ago I dyed it red and about a year ago I dyed it back to my natural hair color. Last March i used a semi permanent dye to dye it brown, it quickly faded back to dirty blonde. My hair is very healthy. I never blow-dry, curl, or straighten it. Is my hair eligible to donate?

    • Hi Ellen,

      I hope you’re well and thank you for thinking of Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

      Unfortunately, we may not accept hair that has been chemically treated or colored. If the treated hair has grown out entirely, the pontail may be donated.

      Thank you!

  199. Hello,

    Thank you so much for reading the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Blog!

  200. Hi, Id like to donate my hair. The only thing is my hair is very thick, and very coarse, my tips are also a little bad. Do you guys still accept it? Or is it better to cut my tips and iron my hair inorder to donate? If all goes well ill be donating in less than a week ! πŸ˜€

    • Hi Maria,

      I hope you’re well and thank you so much for your kind donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths! You may donate your ponytail however you would like, but please feel free to straighten it prior to the cut so that you know exactly how much you’re donating!

      Thank you!

  201. hi, im a male with a hair length total to 8.2″ from scalp to tip. I was wondering if I can shave my head and donate?

  202. Hi,
    Is this campaign still running? I have 7″ of hair can I still donate this? Some other foundations only allow a minimum of 10 inches and I can’t wait any longer! I want to cut it now as my hair takes a really long time growing. I’m only cutting my longest layer,as the other layers are too short.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  203. My hair is wavy, and it doesn’t reach 8 inches unless I straighten it. Does my hair have to be 8 inches once its wavy? Or can I pull it straight then measure it?

  204. Hello,
    I want to donate hair, but I have very little bleached streaks. It’s not even 5% of the hair I want to donate, just two little streaks, and my hair is really thick so the rest should be usable. Will it be accepted? Thanks!

    • Hi Marilia,

      I hope you’re well and thank you so much for your donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths! Unfortunately, we are not able to accept hair that has been permanently colored. Is it possible to remove the two strands from the ponytail prior to sending it in?

  205. I am thinking about donating my hair to Beautiful Lenghts. Howver, I dyed my hair from a box a little over 2 years ago. Would my hair still be accepted? If not what do you do with the hair that people send it that you later find out cannot be used to make wigs?

    • Hi Katie,

      I hope you’re well and thank you so much for thinking of Pantene Beautiful Lengths! Unfortunately, we are unable to accept hair that has been chemically treated. However, if the hair that was colored two years ago has grown out fully, you may donate!

  206. I have naturally curly hair and I don’t know if it would look good short after I donate it, I have an ovaly-round face so, if you could help it would be great! Thanksxo
    Also, how much hair should be donated?

    • Hi Saumya!

      I’m sure someone will officially respond as to how long you should cut your hair, but I just wanted to say good for you for considering donating your hair πŸ™‚ I have never donated my hair, and am planning on getting it cut soon once my shortest layer meets the length requirement… and honestly, I am a bit nervous that I’ll look bad with short hair. But from one girl to another, I’d say that you’re an incredibly beautiful person for considering getting your hair cut for such a good cause, and you’ll be beautiful no matter what your hair looks like πŸ™‚ What has pushed me to decide to get my hair cut is that I know someone will benefit from my hair…probably more than I benefit from having it now, honestly.

      No matter what, you’re beautiful, Saumya. If it helps, I hear that oval/round faces look good with short hair πŸ™‚ Maybe you could research some nice short hairstyles and talk to a hairdresser about what would best suit your face πŸ™‚

      Best wishes… and good luck!

  207. me and my sister want to donate our hair but we have alot of short layers… can we still donate??

  208. Hello!

    I have more than 10 inches of hair to donate. I naturally have dark black hair, and have dyed it. there was a time, a year ago, where i used sun in for a month. And that’s all. It did not make much of a change either.

    My hair is still super healthy. When I got a trim my stylist told me i didn’t even need it.
    Is there a chance it is still donate-able??

  209. Hello, Pantene Beautiful Length
    I want to make a donation, but i bleached small section of hair last summer and rest of the hair has original color. I have a waist long hair and i was wondering to donate it for good cause, though the bleach part sadden me. Do let me know if there is a way i can still participate. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  210. I want to donate my hair, but I have quite a lot of layers. My longest layer would end up being about 12 inches, but about half of it wouldn’t make the length requirement of 10″. I have really thin hair, so I wouldn’t be donating very much anyway. Would it be better if I waited for the rest of my hair to grow out or would the shorter layers swill be able to be used?

    • Hi Alison – We only need 8 inches! So – if your shortest layer is 8 inches you’re fine! If it’s shorter than that you can still donate as long as you can clip the shorter pieces up so they don’t get cut!

  211. I almost have 8 inches to donate, but I was wondering if my hair can be used if I have split ends? I’ve never dyed my hair and I don’t straighten it that often, so they’re not too noticeable, but there are definitely some there. Can I still donate?

  212. I just cut 10 inches off my virgin hair and I will be sending it in. I did band it on top and on bottom
    It seem like it can get really messy or messed up being in the plastic bag..Is that okay and is it still useable? I did this for my sister who is fighting cancer..I was going to donate to locks of love but when I found that they charge for a wig I was sad. My sister needs a wig and has spent alot of funds on treatment, so I thank you for supporting people who are in need of a wig who just don’t have the funds..

  213. Are y’all still accepting donations?

  214. Hi-
    I have foiled my hair (most recent time was 6 months ago) and I think bleach was possibly used. I can check with my stylist. Everything I have read says if the hair being donated has ever been bleached it cannot be used. My hair is extremely healthy, and the very thin foils I get are very natural looking…nothing drastic. I was curious to know…would my hair be eligible to donate, or if my stylist says she used bleach is that an automatic disqualification from donating?

  215. Is there another address for Canadian donations or will I be sending it to the same address?

  216. Can bleached hair be used? Its been a couple years since it was hilighted but id say its only halfway grown out.

  217. is it ok to have multiple ponytails? My son and I have been growing out our hair but if we put it into one puny tail it isn’t long enough- but if it is multiple pony tails it is. His is just 8″ this way, but mine is much longer. We may wait another month to ensure that all his layers will be long enough.

  218. Hi!
    im so excited to donate my hair!
    but my hair is layered.. can i still donate?
    and would we receive a card saying that our hair has been eligible?

    • Hi! Yes – as long as your shortest layer is 8 inches you can still donate. If it isn’t you can pin up the too-short layers and just cut the remaining hair!
      If you include a self addressed envelope with your donation we’ll send a letter telling you we got it! Thanks!

  219. I highlighted the top layers of my hair. Would I still be able to donate the longer, under layers that haven’t been colored?

  220. cynthia ann salinas

    I’m ready to donate. Were could i go?

  221. Lorena Martinez

    My 5 year old son has beautiful curly golden brown hair that i have measured around 9 inches but it is layered and i wonder if it is useable. He has to cut it before school starts in august and i would love to donate it. If i straighten it for the cut will it curl back after the cut. Lol… Silly question, huh??

  222. I’m thinking of donating my hair, however it has been dyed and bleached in the past. The last time it was dyed was almost two years ago and the last time it was bleached was four or five years ago. Will Pantene still take my hair?

  223. I used sun in in my hair, would it still be ok to donate?

  224. Hi,
    I am in India and wanted to donate 9″. Please advice.

    • Hi Sapna,
      Our only collection center is in the USA – but we do accept donations form overseas. Feel free to send to us:

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths
      Attn: 192-123
      806 SE 18th Ave.
      Grand Rapids, MN 55744

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