All the Hair You Can Spare



 Portland, Maine…Start Growing!

The Portland Sea Dogs and The Wolf will be hosting a pre-game hair cutting event, “All the Hair You Can Spare,” for Pantene Beautiful Lengths on May 23, 2008. Sea Dog players will do the honors of cutting each donor’s ponytail, followed by stylists from Akari Salon finishing off each look. The event will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Hadlock Field before the Seadogs take on New Britain. If you are interested in donating your hair, contact Liz Riley at or 207-879-9500.

Stop by for a great hair cut and a great game!


11 responses to “All the Hair You Can Spare

  1. We still have reserve seats and spots available for women and men able to donate 8-10 inches of hair on May 23rd!! Akari Salon of Portland will be finishing the cuts on site or offering a 50% discount for those who wish to wait and make an appointment at their salon in downtown Portland.

    Either way, it’s a great deal, and I will be making the cut myself as the only woman in the front office. I’m a little nervous but very excited to make the cut for a great cause! Please join me on May 23rd!

  2. What a great cause! Friends have said what great work this organization does, glad to see the Seadogs supporting this. Can’t wait to attend!

  3. My 8-year-old son has had long hair since he was 6, and had no intention of ever cutting it until he saw your ad. Now he is thrilled at the prospect of a Sea Dogs player cutting it and donating to Locks of Love. So, my questions: Do you accept hair from children? His measures only 7 inches right now, but in a month we expect it will be about the length you require. Will it work for him to sign up? Thanks for considering.

  4. Kevin,

    Pantene Beautiful Lengths accepts healthy hair from men, women and children! We are so excited your son will be donating!

  5. I am wondering if you can clarify something. I have gray all around my part. . grow out basically. So does this mean that my hair is more than 5% gray? I use a semi-permanent color on it. Can you please clarify the gray issue for me? I need to know whether I should continue to grow it in order to donate it or just chop it off and give up.
    Thanks for the info!

  6. I was so excited when I saw the ad for beautiful lengths, since I have mixed gray hair. I thought that since you make wigs for women, not children, you would be able to use my hair. Imagine my disappointment to discover that my beautiful waist length hair is not usable. Please think about women that want a gray wig, and know that in nature, hair color is not all the same – at least mine isn’t! I have a hundred different colors on my head, and all of it is natural. Oh, well.

  7. Dear Teri,

    Thank you for addressing your concern. Gray hair, as well as some chemically-treated or permanently-colored hair, does not absorb dye at the same rate as other types of hair and tends to be brittle, making it not able to withstand the rigorous wig-making process.
    Gray hair is much harder to color and, once colored, fades more quickly. Since it takes approximately six ponytails to create one wig, if gray hair was used, the color of the wigs would fade.

  8. Hi Judy,

    Thank you for your interest in donating your hair! In order to determine if your hair is less than or more than 5% gray, it is best to consult your hair stylist. If hair is more than 5% gray and dyed, it is still considered naturally gray, and presents the same concerns as address to Teri (above). Thank you for your support!

  9. Hi I was wondering if you still are looking for people to donate hair for this great cause? I’m interested and would like to know how/where to sign up. Thanks so much

    • Hi Adina!

      Yes! We are definitely still looking for people to donate. Donating your hair is easy! Once your have at least 8 inches of hair to donate, go to your salon and have your stylist cut your hair.Then send you pony tail to:

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths
      Attn: 192-123
      20770 Westwood Dr
      Strongsville, OH 44149

      Just make sure you and your stylist follow the cutting and packaging instructions on our website.

      Hope you decide to make the cut!

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