Prep Your Hair For October!

RibbonIs your ponytail measuring at 8 inches? With Breast Cancer Awareness month (October) right around the corner, now is a perfect time for you and your friends to think about donating your hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. You can even take it one step further by planning a local cutting event to encourage others to make the cut to help women who are undergoing cancer treatments.


10 responses to “Prep Your Hair For October!

  1. Going today for the cut!

  2. Linda Gibson Benge

    I have recently been diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer and am to begin chemo next week. i would like to know if I can have a wig made from my own hair? I have 3 daughters and they all said that they would also donate either for me or for others. I could pay a certain amount if you think this could be a possiblity. I have long, curly, strawberry blond hair which has not been short since I was about 8. I am 58 years old and the prospect of having my hair come out due to the chemo is almost more daunting than the fact that I will lose a breast. Can and will you help me?

    • Hi Linda,

      It sounds as though you have three amazing daughters. Because of the volume of donations and the fact that approximately six ponytails go into the creation of one wig, we cannot monitor which wigs are made out of specific hair donations. That said, you can reach out to the American Cancer Society to select a wig that is a close match to your hair color and length. Because they are made of real hair, you can curl and style it appropriately. If you daughters would still like to make a donation in your honor, they would certainly be helping others. We wish you all the best.

  3. Is there a cutting event planned for Seattle, WA metropolitan area? If yes, when and where.
    Thank you!

  4. I’m a Cancer patient but because of the treatment I’ve been given I haven’t lost my hair. It’s grown real long & I’d like to find a place where they can cut it & donate it to your program. I live in a little place called Inverness Florida & I can’t find any Salons here that does your program. They just do locks of love. If it’s to damaged to donate it due to the other medicines I’m on maybe somebody could tell me that too. Thank You for an Awesome program. I’m a survivor of a bone marrow cancer called Multiple Myeloma for 9 years. I’d like to give back if I could. Any type of cancer is a blow to ones self-esteem. Thank you for your time.
    Thanks for Caring,
    Lori Watson

  5. Hi,

    I want to know if for the month of October there is any event to donate in Miami, FL.

    Thank You

  6. Hi,

    My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer about three weeks ago. She has had a lumpectomy, and is about to recieve treatment. She has been told that she will lose her hair. My hair is really at least 10 inches, if not a little over, and I would like to donate so a wig could be made specifically for her.

    Do you know if that is even a possibility?


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