Salone Di Capelli of Stewart Manor and the Junior Women’s Club of Bellerose, New York hosted their 2nd Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hair Cutting Event

BeautifulLengthsEvent2009 133

On October 19, 2009, many of the local neighbors came out to donate 8” or more of their hair, as young as 5 years old, to help women in their fight against cancer.  49 ponytails were collected!

So many wonderful people came out to help with the event. Owner Joe Tetro, five of the salon’s staff, and eight stylists came out on their day off to donate their time and talent for this cause and cut everyone’s hair for free! Paige deArmas, JWCB’s Vice President, has worked with the salon to host and promote this important event. Jean Moore, JWCB’s President was also there to help take pictures and capture the memories! We are so proud of all who donated! We hope to continue to help by hosting many of Beautiful Lengths events in the years to come.  All the people who donated received goody bags and the salon was presented with a Certificate of Thanks from the Junior Women’s Club of Bellerose. All gratuities given that day will be donated to a charitable organization important to Joe Tetro and the salon staff called the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

The women and men who donated their hair so generously are Michelle Sims of Stewart Manor; Corinne Denn, Damon Parthesias, Ellen Miccio, Stefanie Di Grazia, Jennifer Sullivan, Courtney Hubschman, Lindsay Hubschman, Claire Dean, Daina Zagajeski, Kaitlyn Felicetti, and Tami Felicetti of Floral Park; Katie Frary of Bellerose Terrace; Sadie Myers, Pat Murphy, Kathleen Larkin and Paige de Armas of Bellerose Village;  Adriana Cella, Kelly Keenan, Joanna Matuza, and Katherine Murphy of Garden City; Maria Champion of Bayside; Dominique Vario and Victoria Ruisi of Valley Stream; Brenda McCarthy of Rockville Centre; Dana Moreno of Patchogue; Gianna Tringaci of Oceanside; Joseph Lomangino of Queens Village; Angelica Pomar, Melinda Sepulveda of Flushing and Cara Meyer Preissler of E. Northport. Many ponytails were previously donated anonymously by Salone Di Capelli and the Lisa Tice Salon in Bellerose Village.    

The stylists of Salone Di Capelli who gave so graciously their time and talent were Gina Cella, Dina D’Agostino, Carmela Flores, Jennifer D’Amore, Samantha Friedberg, Nancy Zith and Jaime Scott, as well as the staff Lori Santagata, Joan Mirro, Catherine Perullo, Adriana La Sala, and Cathy DeMaio.


2 responses to “Salone Di Capelli of Stewart Manor and the Junior Women’s Club of Bellerose, New York hosted their 2nd Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hair Cutting Event

  1. I’m a redhead with locks to donate. Need some advice/guidence.

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