Don’t Know Where To Donate? Anywhere!

We’re seeing a lot of questions in our comments and on the Pantene Facebook page about where you can go to donate your hair. The good news is, you can have your ponytail cut for Pantene Beautiful Lengths at any salon. There are no salon requirements, so you can go wherever you’re comfortable. Your stylist will cut your 8″ (or longer!) ponytail and then you mail it to the address below – it’s that simple!  Just make sure you and your stylist follow the cutting and packaging instructions on our website.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Attn:  192-123

20770 Westwood Dr

Strongsville, OH 44149

If you know of a salon that offers free or discounted hair cuts for donors, please share by commenting on this post for all to see. We only have one partnership, and it’s in NYC. Details below:

The Mark Garrison Salon in NYC offers free haircuts on Wednesdays to those who donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. On all other days, the cut for Pantene Beautiful Lengths is 50% off!


5 responses to “Don’t Know Where To Donate? Anywhere!

  1. I am planning a hair donation drive and a local salon is donating their time to come do the cutting at our high school. Do you have any information to help me promote the event? Any letters from women who have received the wigs?

  2. Laurel Richards Hair in Ajax, Ontario (just east of Toronto) has an annual Cut for Cancer day each June.

    They ask clients to donate $40 to the Canadian Cancer Society, and all ponytails are donated through Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

    If you need your cut done before June, call Laurel directly. They’ll sometimes do it for the $40 donation throughout the year too.

    Laurel did my cut yesterday, and it was awesome! Photos here:

  3. Hi — Does anyone know of salons in the Washington, DC area which will participate with free haircuts for Pantene BL donations? This is for the twelve year-old son of a friend of mine.

    We are aware that Cartoon Cuts will work with donors to Locks of Love, but we didn’t see any information about Pantene. Any suggestions?

  4. Hello! I really want to donate my hair! The only thing is that my hair is very layered. I really want to get it cut in March, and my hair will be long enough by then, and I’m only donating hte bottom layer. But, my bottom layer is “layered” a little bit. My question was, if there were too many sections of my donated hair that were different lengths, what would you do with my hair?

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