New Address to Send Your Pontyails to!

Attention all ponytail donors! There’s a new address to send your ponytails to once you make the cut:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Attn:  192-123

20770 Westwood Dr

Strongsville, OH 44149

Once you make the cut (instructions here), keep your pontyail intact with the elastic band and place into a zipper-lock bag and seal tightly. Please ensure the ponytail is completely dry before sending. Then, place the plastic bag with your ponytail in a padded or plastic envelope and send to the above address!

Reminder: If you would like written acknowledgement of your ponytail donation, make sure you include your full name and return adress with your hair donation. Please allow several weeks for the letter to arrive, we have a lot of ponytails (thankfully!) to sort through!


40 responses to “New Address to Send Your Pontyails to!

  1. I made a donation sometime in January and did not know of this new address, and never got an acknowledgement of the donation which in the long run doesn’t really matter if they got it, all I want to know is if my ponytails were received….

  2. I notice you have a full site/mobile action on the blog. However, I am using an iPhone and every time I hit a link (for instructions) or try to just access the beautiful lengths from google it sends me to a mobile version of the pantene site that I cannot access the info nor change the format.

  3. I saved the link back in July 2010, when the story of my friend joining with her daughters to cut her Mother-in-law/their grandma’s hair, due to chemo fallout inspired me to let my hair grow longer than usual. I grew my hair from Jan. 17, 2010 to March 23, 2011 before the “cut,” taking pictures of the progress, each step of the way — all the way to the packaging and shipment of the hair!

    I donated a little over 10 inches on the longest layer (just at 8 inches in the shortest layer). Thankfully, I jotted down the new address and that made me smile. I’m in Texas now, but am originally from Ohio; my hair went home!

    In the event that I mis-measured the short layer and it would fall below 8 inches, is the program still using the hair that’s too short to clean up oil spills?


  4. Hi, can I donate my hair even if I’m from overseas? If not, where can I donate my hair to?

    • Hi Jane!

      You sure can! Please send your ponytail to:

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths
      Attn: 192-123
      20770 Westwood Dr
      Strongsville, OH 44149

      Just make sure you and your stylist follow the cutting and packaging instructions on our website.

  5. I tried to send my hair to the new address and it was returned to me with a “Return to Sender, Unable to Forward” sticker on it. Is there another address to send it to??

  6. I sent a hair donation last week to the Strongsville, OH address and it was returned to me today. The “Return to sender” sticker said it was returned because the address was wrong. When I called the 800 number, I was never able to speak to a representative. Can someone please let me know where I need to send my donation? Thank you.

  7. I sent my ponytail to the address in June 2011:
    Pantene Beautiful Lengths
    Attn: 192-123
    20770 Westwood Dr.
    Strongsville, OH 44149

    My envelope was returned to me a few weeks later saying return to sender, refused, unable to forward by the post office. I used the bubble wrap envelope like the directions stated. Can I send it to another address?

  8. I recently mailed in a hair donation, but the envelope was returned unopened today with a notice saying, “RETURN TO SENDER. REFUSED. UNABLE TO FORWARD.” It had been sent to the address I found on the website: Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Attn: 192-123, 20770 Westwood Dr., Strongsville, OH 44149. Is that wrong??

  9. I sent my daughter’s ponytail June 20, 2011 following the directions above – ponytail in plastic bag in a padded envelope sealed tightly to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, ATTN 192-123, 20770 Westwood Dr., Strongsville, OH 44149.
    I sent it first class mail. The envelope was returned unopened “return to sender, refused, unable to forward”.
    Any advice on how to get my hair donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program?

  10. I recently made the cut, sealed my pony tail in a zip lock bag, put it in a padded envelope and mailed it to
    Pantene Beautiful Lengths
    Attn: 192-123
    20770 Westwood Dr
    Strongsville, OH 44149
    It came back today as “Return to sender, Refused, unable to forward” What should I do??? My sister also made the cut but is afraid to mail hers in now that mine was returned.

  11. I tried to send a ponytail a few weeks ago to the address listed. It came back with a note from the post office dated 7/27 “Return to sender, Refused, unable to forward, return to sender”. What happened?

  12. My daughter cut 8″ off her her hair in June and I mailed it to the Strongsville, Ohio address, but 2 weeks later I got it back with a return to sender sticker on it. I’m not sure why I got it back. If the address is still in Strongsville I’ll try sending it again.

  13. Is it okay to donate if I’ve got a few split ends?

  14. Hello, I am preparing to mail my ponytails but would like to know how I should prepare the return address – should my address be written on an envelope with stamps attached? Or just a simple piece of paper? Thanks

  15. The stylist that cut my friend’s and my hair for our donation donated the cut and refused his tip asking that we donated it along with the hair. Who would I make a donation check out to? Can I send that along with the hair donation, or should we send it to a separate address?


  16. I made my third cut for Beautiful Lengths on Sunday. Unfortunately, the band the stylist put around my hair wasn’t tight and the hair started falling out. We were able to get it back into a ponytail, but it’s pretty messy. I want to make sure the hair can still be used in a wig – I’ll be devastated otherwise. I spoke with a rep who felt it would be ok. Just looking for some reassurance. I cut about 9″, so worry the mess that’s left may not be put together well enough to salvage 8″. Thoughts? I also put a note with the pony explaining what happened and asked to be contacted if the hair was unusable. Will I be contacted? Thanks!

  17. Is the above address still the correct one to send my ponytail to for donation?

    • Mary, that is NOT the correct address. As you can see from many responses in this thread, if you send your donation to 20770 Westwood Dr
      Strongsville, OH 44149 it WILL be returned to you “undeliverable.” So, don’t waste your postage. Apparently, they do not want your lovely locks…

      p.s. You will also not get any response from Pantene posting a question on this blog. I inquired about the address in July; I’m still waiting.

    • Hi Mary! Yes, that is still the correct address.

  18. This entire site seems like a scam. It seems that anyone who works for Pantene or Beautiful Lengths would have a pantene email address.

  19. I just spoke with a representative, and this is the mailing address she gave me. The number I called was 1800-945-7768 and I was able to speak to a wonderful lady who answered all of my questions and was very helpful. I hope this helps~

    Pantene Beautiful Lengths
    Attention 192-123
    20770 Westwood Drive
    Strongsville, Ohio 44149

  20. I read the instructions on what to do after your hair has been cut. I misunderstood the envelope requirement and accidentally bought the yellow paper envelopes but they aren’t padded. Are those still okay or not? If not, I can buy the correct kinds. I have donated my hair elsewhere before and would really prefer to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths! Am I able to send it at any time in the year? And if I have split ends is that an issue? These are just a few questions I have. Thanks! Can’t wait until I reach the requirements!

  21. Hi, it would really be helpful if Pantene clearly put the address on the main page when you go to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and it shows everything else. Thanks!!

  22. Please send me address for India.Thanks

  23. My nine year old daughter and her friend made a donation in june 2011 and we did not receive am acknowledgement. It was her first time finating and shes getting ready to donate again at the end of the year. I would really love for her to receive an acknowledgment.

    I wanted to email you but cant find an email address online.

  24. Hello,

    Thank you for reading the Pantene Beautiful Lengths blog!

  25. Hi Chrissy,

    I hope you’re well, and thank you for your very kind donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths! Once the ponytail is received and processed, you will be keyed for a Thank You letter. This may take a few months.

    Thank you, and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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