The First Cut is the Sweetest

Since Pantene began its Beautiful Lengths program back in July 2006, the campaign has collected over 262,828 ponytails. The average person has about 100,000 hairs on their head, and one 8 inch haircut can really make a difference.

Little Anna Rose Ferrara, from White Plains, NY, made the kindest cut of all at the Eclipse Salon in Scarsdale, NY and chose to donate her beautiful brunette ponytail to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. Her smile is sweeter than ever!

Thank you for your support Anna Rose!!


4 responses to “The First Cut is the Sweetest

  1. She looks a lot more cute, and for a great cause!!!

  2. Xochitl Lopez

    Where can I donate my daughters hair?

  3. what a beautiful kindhearted little girl, an inspiration to us all !!

  4. I’m 30 years old and found out two weeks ago that I have breast cancer. I went to the American Cancer Society and they gave me two Pantene Beautiful Length wigs. I’ve donated my hair twice before. I’m grateful to receive these wigs from Pantene. Thank you for donating…it makes a difference!

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