Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hero of the Month, Megan Carlotta

I am so honored to have been chosen to be Pantene’s Hero of the Month!

As we approach this year’s holiday season, it’s easy to remember to buy a gift for someone on your Christmas list — but sometimes it is harder to step outside of the box and volunteer your time for a local charity or a cause that inspires you.  I recently worked for a radio station in Western Massachusetts, Live 95.9, WBEC-FM, as a morning show radio personality. We were asked to be the media sponsors of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Berkshire County this past October. I felt inspired and that, as a radio station, we could do more. I decided to put together a “Hair Raiser” where a handful of local salons would accept donations for Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

While considering organizations to partner with, the Beautiful Lengths program was an easy choice. I felt inspired by their desire to help women by creating these wigs. I am proud to say our “Hair Raiser” was a success! We have had over 40 donations of hair from about 15 salons! My hope is this becomes an annual event that will get bigger every year!

Cancer has touched every one of us on some level, and with that in mind, I decided to cut my own hair during the “Hair Raiser”. As the time for the appointment approached, I began to feel nervous, like I was going to be losing something. That got me thinking… If I was willingly donating my hair and felt nervous about it, how would I feel if I had cancer and had no control over my hair loss? Giving my hair to Beautiful Lengths at that moment became even more important. In life, we do not give to get something out of it ourselves, but to give to someone else who needs it more. I hope my hair will help someone at time that they need it the most. And that is the true spirit of giving.

Thank you Pantene for inspiring me!

~ Megan Carlotta, Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hero of the Month

Do YOU want to nominate someone to be our Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hero of the Month? It can be a friend, family member, stylist or you can even nominate an entire salon! Send all nominations to:


One response to “Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hero of the Month, Megan Carlotta

  1. Thanks so much for all you do to promote the smiles on a cancer survivors face. Years ago my son grew his hair long with 2 conditions that he take care of it and when the time came to cut it off he donated to our local locks of love. He did in my sisters name. She survived breast cancer for 17 years but the Lord took her home while fighting a second battle with cancer Dec 25, 2009. Again keep up the great work. One day this horrible illness will be gone!

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