Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Pantene Beautiful Lengths

1. It takes roughly six ponytails to create each Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig, which is why your support is so important!

2. Pantene Beautiful Lengths is honored to work closely with HairUWear and the American Cancer Society.

  • HairUWear is the leading global producer of real-hair wigs and extensions
  • The American Cancer Society distributes the wigs through its wig bank locations across the country.

3. There Are Other Ways You Can Donate:

  • The success of Pantene Beautiful Lengths depends on the participation of individuals and companies across the country, and there are many ways for people to get involved.
  • In addition to donating hair, you can make a real difference by donating money, time or by hosting a cutting event

4. 294,929 ponytails have been donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths to date!

5. Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs are being distributed at no cost through select American Cancer Society wig banks across the country.

  • Women facing cancer can find out about the availability of a Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig by calling the American Cancer Society at 1.877.227.1596

6. You have the power to spread the word about Pantene Beautiful Lengths to thousands of people by using the Internet

  • We encourage you to communicate about the campaign on the sites or blogs that you frequent most.

7. Hillary Swank cut and donated her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

8. Individuals who visit the program’s website at can find all of the campaign essentials including:

  • Ways To Donate
  • Donation registration information, including hair donation requirements
  • Tips from celebrity stylist Danilo on how to grow healthy, beautiful hair
  • Facts on the people and organizations making the campaign possible
  • A downloadable donation kit

9. Before you donate your hair, Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths will help defend against breakage, control frizz and restore shine so your hair can become a gorgeous real-hair wig.**

10. Share & Inspire on Facebook

  • Everyone’s supporting the cause for their own special reasons. What’s yours? Share your story on Facebook and hear how others are growing together to strengthen women in need.

** The American Cancer Society does not endorse any specific product.


2 responses to “Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Pantene Beautiful Lengths

  1. Is this campaign still active? The Pantene website does not show it, as far as I can tell. Please reply by email if at all possible. Thanks for your time!

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