January’s Hero of the Month: Steve Juster

January’s Hero of the Month is Steve Juster, an English Teacher at Londonderry High School in New Hampshire.  Steve heads up Londonderry’s giant annual cutting event for Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Every year, hundreds of students, faculty and community members come to the high school for the annual cutting event. To date, nearly 1,000 Londonderry community members have donated their hair at the cutting event. In fact, the cutting event Steve hosted at Londonderry High School on January 6, 2012 had a record 210 donors! Please read Steve’s story below.    

It has been an honor to organize the Pantene Beautiful Lengths donation event at Londonderry High School since the campaign started in 2007. Now, six years later, our high school total approaches one thousand donors, either on the gym floor each January for the cutting event, or ponytails brought to me in my classroom during the year.

It is an honor to stand among my pep rally aides and all the donors, past and present, whom I call angels. These angels have freely sacrificed their beautiful lengths to provide a free, real-hair wig for a woman in need. I also want to thank my wife and daughters, whose unqualified support allowed me to give myself over to the campaign.

It is a privilege to provide our students the opportunity to be part of a miracle, one ponytail at a time. Every hour spent in this effort, year after year, folding t-shirts, driving to enlist stylists, consoling students who tell heartbreaking stories when they turn in their permission slips, has been a joy.


Thank you for dedication, Steve!

Do YOU want to be Hero of the Month, or do you know someone who should? e-mail us beautifullengthswigs@devries-pr.com


2 responses to “January’s Hero of the Month: Steve Juster

  1. I participated in this event this year and it was so emotional. Mr.Juster does such a great job with ALL of the pep rallies at our school not just this one. but, i think that this event helps a lot of people, not just the ones who are recieving the wigs. i believe that it is a good thing for the people who donate and who cut the hair as well. Thank you very much for selecting Mr.Juster to be the january’s hero of the month.he truly deserves it 😀

  2. I personally know Mr. Juster, when I was in high school he mentored me when it came to applying to college. He is a great person and I am glad he is part of my life. Last month I donated my hair at Londonderry, It was a great feeling, knowing I was making an impact for someone with cancer. Great blog! I actually am doing my own for my experience from this event, I am glad I found your blog! 🙂

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