Yes, we are still accepting pontails!

Many of you have asked if Pantene Beautiful Lengths is still accepting ponytails.

The answer: YES!

If you are considering making the kindest cut of all, Pantene Beautiful Lengths would love to accept your ponytail donation!

Since the creation of Pantene Beautiful Lengths in 2006, the campaign has collected 294,929 ponytails (and this number continues to raise everyday!)

The success of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program is due to people like you, and when you donate your hair to the campaign you are improving the life of a woman who is fighting cancer.

Please continue to help others  by sending your ponytails to:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths


20770 Westwood Drive

Strongsville, OH 44149


20 responses to “Yes, we are still accepting pontails!

  1. I will be cutting off my long hair this Friday to send. So happy not only for a new summer cut, but especially that my hair will be going to someone who can use it. 🙂

  2. i need to get my hair cut again and its long enough for a third donation for locks of love or the sort however i wanted to do this … there are no salons listed in my state an was wondering if i could get it done at a donating salon and sending it in to the above address?

    • Hi Ariel,

      You can donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths at any salon, even if it isn’t on this list. Just be sure to let the salon know in advance you will be donating. Be sure to send your ponytail to:

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths


      20770 Westwood Drive

      Strongsville, OH 44149

  3. My ponytail is on its way!!! Thank you for helping these special and amazing people!

  4. is there a form that has to be sent with the hair to Pantene?

  5. For how long will you be accepting the donations after April 27th?

  6. this Tuesday my 10 year old twins will be having their hair cut to donate for the second time! Last year in June we went to have their hair cut off for the summer one of them asked if their hair was long enough to give to a child who lost their hair. Indeed it was so this year they have decided to so the same! I only wish mine grew as fast as thiers! -one proud mama

  7. Tammy Saunders

    Is 4 to 6 inches long enough?

  8. Got it cut off this past Saturday & I am happy that it met the qualifications to donate! I am putting my pony tail
    In the mail 2day!

  9. I just cut my hair to donate for the second time! I love being able to donate all my hair for such an amazing cause. I donated twelve inches the first time and nine inches on this last cut. It makes me so happy to be able to help others. 🙂 I plan on growing my hair again to be able to donate for a third time!

  10. I just cut my long hair today to donate. I am going to be starting chemo later this month and wanted someone to benefit from my thick hair!

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