February Hero of the Month: Nancy Cook

Nancy Cook was  diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2010. As a top competitive master athlete, Nancy is driven by goals, and her goal right now is to beat cancer.

Nancy loved her long hair. She loved to curl it and style it when she and her husband, Steve, went out on “date nights.” She understands that, as a woman, hair is such a huge part of how you feel about yourself.

When Nancy’s hair started to shed due to chemotherapy, she described the experience as “really horrible and sad.” However, Nancy chose to make light of the situation by donating her beautiful locks to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. She cut off eight inches of hair so that she could help others who were experiencing their own battle with cancer.

When Nancy sent her donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, she wrote a lovely letter thanking them for their great work in making a difference in the lives of cancer survivors.  She said “it is a great feeling knowing that my hair is going to them and their great work at Pantene.”

We would like to honor Nancy by making her our Hero of The Month. We admire her shining strength and  positivity as she continues her ongoing crusade against cancer

Do YOU want to be Hero of the Month, or do you know someone who should? e-mail us beautifullengthswigs@devries-pr.com


4 responses to “February Hero of the Month: Nancy Cook

  1. Thank you for the honor of being Hero for February! Thank you for all you do to make a difference in the lives of cancer survivors in what you do with the Beautiful Lengths program. So proud to have been able to give back and help others!

  2. Where can I get the rules and whatever forms I need to donate?

    Thank you,
    Susan Jackson

    • Hi Susan,

      There are no forms you need to fill out. The donation process is very simple! Just go to a salon you trust and have them cut off eight inches of your hair. Then send the hair, bound in a completely dry ponytail, to:

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths

      Attn: 192-123

      20770 Westwood Dr

      Strongsville, OH 44149

      Thank you for considering the kindest cut of all!

  3. BEAUTIFUL Lady! After a traumatic brain injury I was given a beautiful real-hair wig as well. As a professional hair dresser, my long hair meant so much to me. My boss purchased mine, but I understand just how thankful cancer survivors are to receive their donated wigs

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