Something Donated…

Casey is a 22 year old living in Oneonta, Alabama. She works as a loan processor, and is also a graduate student at Mississippi State University.

In high school, Casey always had very short hair, and she loved it! But when she started dating her husband, he preferred longer hair, and she started to grow it out.

After Casey had been growing her hair out for about 2 years, she was ready for a change. Then, something came up…On November 20, 2010, the love of her life, Skyler, asked her to marry him. She decided to hold off on cutting her hair until after their wedding.

Throughout their 16 month engagement, Casey’s hair kept getting longer, and longer, and longer! She also kept getting more and more compliments on how beautiful it was. That was when she knew that she couldn’t just chop all her hair off and throw it away.

After much prayer and research as to what program she would donate her hair to, Casey chose the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. Casey chose Pantene Beautiful Lengths because they give wigs absolutely free of charge to women who lost their hair while fighting cancer.  

On March 11, 2012, after 4 years of dating, Casey and Skyler married in the woods during a beautiful spring day.  At the wedding reception, Casey pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and Skyler had the honor of cutting off 11 inches! The cutting of her hair embodied a “new life” for Casey as she entered into this new phase of her life called marriage.

It brings Casey so much joy to know that the hair she cut continued to embody a “new life” for a woman struggling to fight cancer. As a young woman, she knows how important hair can be, and she wanted a woman to gain the confidence and strength to continue to fight cancer by looking her best in a beautiful new wig.

Casey hopes to inspire others to pray about one day participating in the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, so that you may also give (and receive) true joy.

Thank you, Casey!


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