Autumn’s Haircut for Cancer

Autumn, an 8-year-old from Regina, Saskatchewan, came home from school in December and announced that she wanted to cut her hair so that a wig could be made for someone fighting cancer.  Autumn’s mom had no idea where she came up with the idea but she followed up by surfing the internet and finding the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program.

Because Autumn’s hair was not quite long enough to donate, she decided she would continue growing it long until June and then she would cut it and send it in. In March Autumn decided that, since she would be donating her hair, it might be a good idea to see if she could find some sponsors to donate money to the Canadian Cancer Society in support of her hair cut. 

Autumn’s  mom contacted the Canadian Cancer Society and they set up a website for people to donate to her cause.  They called it “Autumn’s haircut for cancer.”  Autumn decided she would try to raise $1000 by the end of June and then she would cut her hair.  They e-mailed friends, family, fellow gymnasts for the gym where she trains, school friends etc. with a link to her web page. 

True to her word, Autumn asked her mom to take her right over to the salon to have her hair cut the minute she was over $1000!

On Friday, June 1, Autumn had 9.5 inches of hair cut off and immediately went to the post office to send it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  Her website is still open for donations and she currently has raised $1145.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society.


One response to “Autumn’s Haircut for Cancer

  1. Autumn,

    Thank you for letting me be part of your story. I’m glad your mom invited me to be a part of your campaign to raise money for cancer. You truly are making a difference in our world and in a cancer survivor’s life.

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