Olivia Donates A Third Time!

Olivia’s aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer when Olivia was four. Her family had been having conversations about what that meant and what might happen due to the chemo therapy her aunt was undergoing. When Olivia turned five, her father told her there were organizations where she could send her pony tails and they would make wigs for people who had lost their hair. Olivia thought that was a great idea and it was something she could do with her never-been-cut hair!

Olivia 1

Unfortunately, Olivia’s aunt lost her battle with cancer when Olivia was 7.  Donating her hair again gave her a way to feel some control over the loss and make sense of the sadness and confusion she was feeling.  It made her feel less powerless by knowing she was doing something that would make a difference to someone else who was going through a difficult time.  Now growing, cutting and donating is just something Olivia “does.” She cuts and donates her hair and then grows it for a couple of years and donates again. It makes her feel great knowing that she has something to give that will be meaningful to someone else.

Olivia 2

Olivia 3

Thank you, Olivia!


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