Kelly Jockwer Donates To Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

Kelly Jockwer is an 18-year-old freshman at Susquehanna University. For as long as she can remember, people have recognized her by her beautiful hair. Kelly can remember a day in Kindergarten when she was getting a drink at the water fountain after recess when an older boy behind her told her to “Hurry up, Blondie.” At the time, she was deeply insulted. Now, however, she would probably take it as a compliment.


While Kelly loved her long hair—and would even go as far to say as it was a large part of her identity— She knew that there are women who feel the same way about their hair, but lose it due to factors beyond their control. Kelly knows that her now short hair will quickly grow back, while other women wish to be able to say the same.

Kelly believes that her 10 inch ponytail will go to someone who needs it WAY more than she ever could, and helping someone cope with a trauma in their life by helping them feel better about themselves is a feeling that can’t be replaced by any amount of hair in the world. Will Kelly grow it out and do it again? Absolutely.


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