St. Dominic School Beautiful Lengths Assembly

On May 6th St. Dominic ‘s School in Brookfield, Wisconsin hosted a Ponytail Assembly!



The St. Dominic’s community watched the Pantene Beautiful Lengths video and heard from a variety of speakers, including Mary Pat Russell, a kindergarten teacher at St. Dominic’s, who spoke about the power of donating hair, as she donated her hair as a good friend was fighting cancer, Ann Hilbert, a parent of students at the school and a cancer survivor, who spoke eloquently about how those donating were giving selflessly and granted those fighting the permission to feel beautiful and more confident through their fight with cancer, and Kathy Nothnagel, Youth Initiatives coordinator with the American Cancer Society, who explained why people lose their hair while undergoing cancer treatments.


They had 18 students and 5 adults donate. The entire assembly cheered as ponytails were being cut, counting down for each wave of ladies 3…2…1…DONATE!!! 


We’re so proud of these brave young women! Thank you to everyone in the St. Dominic community for hosting such an amazing event, we can’t wait for next year!




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