CHS Students Host Pantene Beautiful Lengths Event!

Last year, when thinking about senior projects in math class, it came to Savannah Cavanaugh that she should donate her hair. As soon as the idea popped into her mind, she knew she had to pursue it, and as class ended she rushed to her friend Angela and asked her to be part of it. Both of their families have been affected by cancer. Savannah watched her grandmother battle and defeat ovarian cancer, and both Angela’s mom and grandmother battled breast cancer. Angela’s grandmother’s cancer came back and she is battling it now.

At the time when Savannah and Angela decided to organize a Pantene Beautiful Lengths Pep rally, they did not realize all of the time, hard work, and immense satisfaction that would come out of the project.

photo 4

 After the project was approved, signs were hung all over the school in an attempt to recruit donors. They posted outside of Walmart in the middle of winter to raise funds to make their pep rally a success. They also found amazing donors who made the event the success that it was. The girls also recruited hairstylists because they both wanted the best for the people who were donating!

photo 2

In the end 36 students and community members came out to donate their ponytails to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. There wasn’t a dry eye in the gym as dancers did an emotional performance to “Angel” and cancer survivors spoke about their experiences and the importance of hair donations.

photo 3

Then it was time for The Cut. The excitement was so thick and hung in the air during the countdown…3, 2, 1 and the scissors cut the ponytails! The whole school was focused on the semi-circle of donors who were making such a selfless donation.  Additionally, six brave boys volunteered to shave their heads in order to raise awareness, and the Vice Principal shaved each of their heads before the ponytails were cut.

photo 1

 “There has never been so much hugging in one room EVER,” said Savannah. “It was an emotional experience for everyone involved. The whole community was so supportive of us and the whole event; we are extremely appreciative. If anyone has even an inkling of wanting to participate in Pantene Beautiful Lengths – DO IT! You will not regret it. It was such a success, that two new, upcoming seniors have already started planning next years pep rally.”


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