Marybeth Barrios Makes The Kindest Cut!

Marybeth Barrios is a seven year old with a heart of gold. Marybeth herself battles from a genetic disorder as well as epilepsy, which she suffers seizures from daily. She has all different types of seizures, but she doesn’t let it hold her back!


Marybeth’s decision to donate her hair solely came from her. One day she told her mom, Tricia Barrios, that she had a dream that she “helped a girl with green eyes have hair by cutting hers since she lost it from being sick”. Tricia was blown away and it melted her heart to know that Marybeth wanted this all her own.

Tricia’s best friend Nicole is a hairstylist, and once they called her and asked her to cut Marybeth’s hair, she told them all about the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program.


“We made the big day a play date with my girlfriends kids and Marybeth’s sister Amber and Nicole cut 11-12 inches,” says Tricia. “We were all so excited once it was done. What a transformation!”

Marybeth said it made her feel happier then she could ever imagine! She said she wants to keep growing and donating forever!


“Such an easy thing for people to do and give so little of themselves to help someone and make them feel better,” says Tricia. “We hope Marybeth’s story will encourage more young girls to help out and make a difference in someone’s life.”


Thank you, Marybeth for your incredible support of Pantene Beautiful Lengths!


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