Erica Cuts & Donates to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

Erica’s mother was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer on April 1st.  A few weeks later, she went to pick out her wig.  Erica had very long hair and knew that she wanted to donate, as she had done so in the past.  Erica promised her parents that she was going to donate her hair right before moving from Florida to Georgia in June.
On June 2nd, Erica experienced an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), and needed brain surgery.  She remembers telling her neurosurgeon that she wanted to donate her hair and asked if he could save as much as he could.  Erica had her craniotomy on June 18th, which happened to be the day before she was supposed to move.
Erica Staples
Erica’s neurosurgeon was able to keep most of her hair, and Erica was able to travel back to Florida and donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  Erica thanks Beautiful Lengths for “the opportunity to let me help brighten someone’s day.”
Erica 1
Thank you, Erica, for your incredibly kind donation!

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