8-Year-Old Avery Saba Makes The Kindest Cut!


For 8-year-old Avery Saba of Pittsburgh, the decision to donate nine inches of her hair was an easy one.  “I want to help people who have cancer,” the active, hockey-playing third grader said.  Avery was just eight days away from her second birthday, when her mother, Shelly, was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2008.  Although her memory of Shelly’s treatment is vague, photos of her mother’s subsequent hair loss as she underwent a summer of chemotherapy remained with her.  After over a year without a haircut, Avery finally had enough to donate and went to the hairdresser over her Christmas break.

Avery cutAvery hair

“The only bad thing is that now my mom can’t see me on the hockey ice,” said Avery referring to her trademark ponytail that no longer peeks out the back of her helmet. “But that’s OK, I think I kind of like my hair shorter.”

Thank you, Avery, for your incredibly kind donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!


One response to “8-Year-Old Avery Saba Makes The Kindest Cut!

  1. Cyndee Fournier

    Avery – You’re a winner in every sense of the word! Go, Girl!

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