Over 500 Donate Their Hair in Levittown, NY

Hundreds came to participate in Levittown’s first annual Cut for a Cause event. The event, which took place in Nassau Country on Long Island, lasted over the course of two school days, June 12th and 15th, where students, staff and family members were invited to donate their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. After it was all done, over 500 participants donated hair for the cause.

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“Students were announcing to their classes why they donated, whether it be for a family member or just for the cause. It was inspirational!” shared Danielle Luke, who was at the events, “Each of our 10 schools in the district participated in some way. Everyone was invited to bring along a haircutter, someone who was special to them in some way. It was a very liberating event!”

Thank you Levittown for this amazing donation!


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