Pantene Beautiful Lengths is built upon a simple act of generosity: yours. And it is only through this simple but incredibly significant act that we are able to provide real-hair wigs for women who are suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatment.

With nearly 700,000 adult American women being diagnosed with cancer this year alone, and more than one in three women developing some form of cancer in her lifetime, this campaign touches mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and friends.*

The effects of hair loss on these women is startling. One study revealed that 58 percent of women consider hair loss the worst side effect when undergoing chemotherapy; 8 percent are at risk of avoiding potentially life-saving treatment altogether because of their hair loss fear.**

Pantene Beautiful Lengths is honored to work closely with HairUWear® and the American Cancer Society® in this initiative. HairUWear, the leading global producer of real-hair wigs and extensions, helps transforms campaign hair donations into the highest-quality, real-hair wigs.  It takes roughly six ponytails to create each Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig, which is why your support is so important. The American Cancer Society distributes the Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs through select wig banks across the country at no cost to women undergoing cancer treatment

Thousands of people across the United States have set a shining example by cutting and donating their hair. The campaign’s continued ability to give women these free, high-quality wigs depends on the participation of people like you.

* Cancer Facts & Figures 2007, American Cancer Society ** Cancer Practice:  Journal of the American Cancer Society, November 2001


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  1. Has Pantene Pro-V get it straight smoothing gel been discontinued. It’s the best gel I’ve ever used and can no longer find it. Thank you.

  2. As a sastifiied user of Pantene products, I would like to find out how I can help my sister Millie obtain a wig. She will start chemo Nov 6, and was told to expect to start losing her hair after 2 weeks. Millie has private ins and medicare, but both will not pay a penny on purchas of wig. Also another sister and I can donate hair. Thanks

  3. Hi Jeanne,

    We are so sorry to hear about Millie, but she is very lucky to have such a caring sister. All Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs are distributed through the American Cancer Society wig banks. To receive a wig you or your sister can contact your local American Cancer Society and they will be able to provide you with one of our free high-quality wigs.

    You and your sister are in our thoughts.

  4. I will be holding my kick off event this Saturday for my year long campaign here in MN. We will be giving away Tonic Sol-fa tickets! It is at 5 p.m. at the Tafoya Salon/Day Spa in Coon Rapids, the first 50 donors will be entered in the drawing for the concert tickets and other great prizes. As the event coordinator for the MN NW Suburbs Campaign I will be cutting 10 inches of my own locks! My slogan is let’s grow together for a cause.

  5. My daughter has donated her hair to “lock of love” a couple of times and her hair is now long enough to donate, again. She is trying to find a place in the Northeast Atlanta, GA area, and can’t find any information on the internet. Do you have a cutting event scheduled in this area? She lives in Duluth, GA off I85. Any help you can give will be greatly appreaciated.

    Thank You.
    Cheryl Saab

  6. I want to donate to BEAUTIFUL LENGTHS but I have a question. One of the requirements is that the hair not be more than 5% gray. My hair turned white by the time I was 35 years old and I am now 61 years old. Technically the color is white and I do mean white, not blonde. Would my hair work as a donation? Thanks for the wonderful work you do.

  7. I have a question. I just cut my hair yesterday and we saved the ponytail which at the longest is a little over 9 inches and average 8 inches. It says they don’t take color treated hair, but I did have a question because I have dyed my hair for a while now with at home kits, however, this hair is from the underside of my hair which I really dont let the dye sit on for very long at all (at most 10minutes usually). I wonder if it would still be acceptable as a donation since it is from the underside of my hair that rarely recieves much coloring?

  8. I would like to donate my hair for a Christmas present to someone who needs a wig. I would like more information about where to donate. I live in upstate New York! Please let me know soon! I can’t find any info on any website!

  9. I am having trouble finding the address for hair donations. Our family has recently cut all of our hair and would like to donate it. Thank you!!

    • Hi Andrea,
      Send hair to the below address:

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths
      511 Wisconsin Drive
      New Richmond, WI 54017-2613

      Make sure to include the names and addresses of the donors with their ponytails so you can all receive Thank You notes!

  10. My daughter was in a accident over a year ago-got scalped will never have hair again. Please could someone contact me as to where we can get help about a wig. We have donated to locks of love many times but now she needs help.Thanks Sandra Smith-509 Waterfront Street-Melbourne Fl 32934 Phone # 321-745-8367.

  11. If my hair is angled, came the longest strands make the length of the donation 8 inches, or does the shortest part have to meet the 8 inch requirement?

  12. Hi! I see the address for donation above but does it need to be sent in any specific way? Any type of envelope, plastic bag, etc? I tried to find the requirements on the home page of Pantene but I can’t find it… Thanks!

  13. Hello, I would like to donate my hair, but I don’t know how long it must be. What is the minimum length? Thank you!

  14. I wish to donate my hair soon, however I have kind of a lot of split ends (about 1-2 inches of them) and I was wondering if the split ends would be included in the 8 inch requirement? Thank you very much!

    • Hi Kara,

      I encourage you to donate your hair, even with the split ends. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can grow your hair a little bit longer so that the bulk of your hair is split end free.


  15. How long does my hair needs to be so I can donate ??! How many inches ???

  16. My daughter would like to see the wig and person who gets the wig. Is this possible. If will help her in understanding the process and she will feel better about knowing the difference she is making. This would be private of course.

    • Hi Ellie,

      It take six to eight ponytails to make a real-hair Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig. We can gladly send you a photo of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig, but we have no way of knowing who specifically is going to receive your daughter’s hair in a wig.

      Please e-mail us directly: beautifullengthswigs@devries-pr.com if you have additional questions or want us to send you a photo of one of our wigs.


  17. Information on requirements for donating my hair

  18. i keep seeing t-shirts popping up in all the pictures of beautiful lengths… Where can i order one? thanks!!! 10 days to go till my cut!!!

  19. heather solomon

    All of your links now go the pantene home page, and there is no obvious place to find the requirements. How long does the ponytail need to be?

  20. lisbeth flores

    I want to know how long does the pony tail have to be and can it have high lights?

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  22. I was wondering if you accepted hair with split ends. Thanks! and I can’t wait to donate, this is such a wonderful cause!

  23. Does it have to be women who donate? Last 4 times I gave to da one for kids but some one told me of Beautiful Lengths and I wold like to donate to them this time. Its over a foot I’ll be shaving off, never dyed so it smile fit requirements?

  24. jeanine kenner

    I am a 24-year (50-year old) cancer survivor, three types, and I have donated a total of 192 inches to Locks of Love. Is there a salon here in Rochester, Minnesota that partners with you? I ran around bald for three plus years, so I know about the stares, pointing, whispering. I am glad there is an alternative program helping women, and when my hits my waist again in about three years, I would like to donate it to you. I hope there is someplace close that I can go to, or maybe get an address, and I’ll just mail it to you!


  25. Do you know if it acceptable to make smaller pony tails that are closer to the scalp to get the minimum 8″ length? My hair is fairly long, but I think I’d need to cut it a bit closer to get the right length.

  26. Ray Ray Jamieson

    If I donate my hair can I send a letter to who ever gets it?

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