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August Hero of The Month: India!

India had been begging her mom to let her get a “bob” for about a year. India’s mom was hesitant because she loved her long hair, and thought that India would regret cutting it off.

When she finally agreed, India’s mom realized that her hair was long enough donate. They did some research and decided they would donate India’s hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

India was able to donate 10 inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and she was thrilled at the idea that her hair could go to someone who needed it. India was also very hopeful that the wig would be made into a “bob” so that the recipient and she would have matching hair!


March Heroes of the Month: Maggi McGarry, Jordan Joncas and Kristyn Fedorchuk

March’s Heroes of the Month are Maggi McGarry, Jordan Joncas and Kristyn Fedorchuk, students at Londonderry High School in New Hampshire. 

Next January, Maggi McGarry will donate her ponytail for her fourth straight year at the Londonderry High School Pantene Beautiful Lengths Day of Giving assembly. Maggi never donates alone – her mom, cousins and friends donate with her. Whenever she drops off her permission slip, she will always pick up 1,2 or 6 more!

Students at the fall 2010 Londonderry High School pep rally were asked to stand if they planned to donate their ponytails in January. Senior Jordan Joncas, then a junior and varsity cheerleader who had previously donated as a freshman, stood up amongst the student body on the gym floor and raised her hand high. Her peers looked to her and began to raise their hands and stand. Jordan, along with her enthusiastic support of the program, inspired historic numbers of students to donate that day.

Senior Kristyn Fedorchuk has donated her hair twice while at Londonderry High School. She has been a passionate ambassador of the program, inspiring cousins, friends and even her gymnastics coach’s wife to donate. There has not been a year when she has not brought a donor to the floor. As a junior, she created a two foot long ceramic pink ribbon in art class, placed flowers through it, and presented it at the January Pantene Beautiful Lengths assembly to a friend’s mother who was beginning cancer treatments.

All three of these angels of Londonderry High School truly live the adage: If you want to see a miracle, be the miracle, one ponytail at a time.

February Hero of the Month: Nancy Cook

Nancy Cook was  diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2010. As a top competitive master athlete, Nancy is driven by goals, and her goal right now is to beat cancer.

Nancy loved her long hair. She loved to curl it and style it when she and her husband, Steve, went out on “date nights.” She understands that, as a woman, hair is such a huge part of how you feel about yourself.

When Nancy’s hair started to shed due to chemotherapy, she described the experience as “really horrible and sad.” However, Nancy chose to make light of the situation by donating her beautiful locks to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. She cut off eight inches of hair so that she could help others who were experiencing their own battle with cancer.

When Nancy sent her donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, she wrote a lovely letter thanking them for their great work in making a difference in the lives of cancer survivors.  She said “it is a great feeling knowing that my hair is going to them and their great work at Pantene.”

We would like to honor Nancy by making her our Hero of The Month. We admire her shining strength and  positivity as she continues her ongoing crusade against cancer

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January’s Hero of the Month: Steve Juster

January’s Hero of the Month is Steve Juster, an English Teacher at Londonderry High School in New Hampshire.  Steve heads up Londonderry’s giant annual cutting event for Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Every year, hundreds of students, faculty and community members come to the high school for the annual cutting event. To date, nearly 1,000 Londonderry community members have donated their hair at the cutting event. In fact, the cutting event Steve hosted at Londonderry High School on January 6, 2012 had a record 210 donors! Please read Steve’s story below.    

It has been an honor to organize the Pantene Beautiful Lengths donation event at Londonderry High School since the campaign started in 2007. Now, six years later, our high school total approaches one thousand donors, either on the gym floor each January for the cutting event, or ponytails brought to me in my classroom during the year.

It is an honor to stand among my pep rally aides and all the donors, past and present, whom I call angels. These angels have freely sacrificed their beautiful lengths to provide a free, real-hair wig for a woman in need. I also want to thank my wife and daughters, whose unqualified support allowed me to give myself over to the campaign.

It is a privilege to provide our students the opportunity to be part of a miracle, one ponytail at a time. Every hour spent in this effort, year after year, folding t-shirts, driving to enlist stylists, consoling students who tell heartbreaking stories when they turn in their permission slips, has been a joy.


Thank you for dedication, Steve!

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Marissa Rodriguez | December’s Hero of the Month!

Marissa loved her long, gorgeous locks — but she realized that stunning hair like hers could benefit people who could no longer grow long, strong hair due to cancer treatment. Check out Marrissa’s touching donation story below.

– – –

      I am still embarrassed to show my friends and family my 5th grade school picture because my hair was so full and thick!. At that time, I never heard of a straightner so I let my hair air dry to which I thought looked lovely but now looking back I could have really used some mousse or even some Pantene hair spray! Anyway, throughout my life people have always told me that I have beautiful long, thick hair. After graduating from Rutgers University in the spring, I wanted to get a new hair cut for when I started my big girl job at Accenture in the fall. At first, I was just simply going to cut 3-4inches and still be able to enjoy my long hair. I have had short hair in the past and just simply thought that short hair did not complement my face. BUT after giving it much thought and recalling a conversation I had with an older woman, who complemented my hair at the nail salon and then went on to tell me a story about one of her friends who was battling cancer and who recently received a wig from donated hair, I began to consider donating my hair. I thought I would never get the courage to do it but I finally said “Marissa, put your feelings aside and think about those who really need it. Your hair will grow back, others won’t.”

I loved having long hair and the thought of cutting 8 inches off was simply unimaginable. After much contemplation, I finally called the hair salon to schedule an appointment to donate my hair. Watching my stylist cut my hair was such an amazing feeling because I knew someone else would get the same feeling, not from giving but from receiving. Well now, I love my new short, thick hair which is just above my shoulders. I am so happy I was able to be a part of Pantene Beautiful Lengths because the thought that my hair will help to bring confidence to a woman fighting cancer is absolutely an incredible feeling. I know that I have given a gift that someone will be so thankful for. My friends keep asking me, “Why did you cut your beautiful hair?” I just reply with a smile, “It’s ok, it will grow back!” I hope my story and others will inspire more people to perform such a selfless act in order to help others!

Thank you for sharing your story, Marissa!

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Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hero of the Month, Megan Carlotta

I am so honored to have been chosen to be Pantene’s Hero of the Month!

As we approach this year’s holiday season, it’s easy to remember to buy a gift for someone on your Christmas list — but sometimes it is harder to step outside of the box and volunteer your time for a local charity or a cause that inspires you.  I recently worked for a radio station in Western Massachusetts, Live 95.9, WBEC-FM, as a morning show radio personality. We were asked to be the media sponsors of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Berkshire County this past October. I felt inspired and that, as a radio station, we could do more. I decided to put together a “Hair Raiser” where a handful of local salons would accept donations for Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

While considering organizations to partner with, the Beautiful Lengths program was an easy choice. I felt inspired by their desire to help women by creating these wigs. I am proud to say our “Hair Raiser” was a success! We have had over 40 donations of hair from about 15 salons! My hope is this becomes an annual event that will get bigger every year!

Cancer has touched every one of us on some level, and with that in mind, I decided to cut my own hair during the “Hair Raiser”. As the time for the appointment approached, I began to feel nervous, like I was going to be losing something. That got me thinking… If I was willingly donating my hair and felt nervous about it, how would I feel if I had cancer and had no control over my hair loss? Giving my hair to Beautiful Lengths at that moment became even more important. In life, we do not give to get something out of it ourselves, but to give to someone else who needs it more. I hope my hair will help someone at time that they need it the most. And that is the true spirit of giving.

Thank you Pantene for inspiring me!

~ Megan Carlotta, Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hero of the Month

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