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Hilary Swank’s Unforgettable Gift

r2_mg_7075-small.jpgHilary Swank was honored with the 2008 Courage Award at Saks Fifth Avenue’s “Unforgettable Evening” because of her continuous efforts to help women fighting cancer.  Her recent hair donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths was highlighted at the star-studded event, which took place in Beverly Hills last week.  This annual event benefits the Entertainment Industry’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund and awards one individual who has done outstanding work for the fight against cancer.

Congratulations Hilary!


More Buzz about Pantene Beautiful Lengths!


Read about Pantene Beautiful Lengths in some of your favorite magazines!  Take a look through the glossy pages of the January issues of Fitness, Marie Claire and Ladies’ Home Journal!

Join the Million-Inch Chain!


Share your strength by joining Hilary Swank and other Pantene Beautiful Lengths donors to become part of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Million-Inch Chain. This is an effort to collect one million inches of hair for the program – equivalent to 20,000 wigs!! Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank kicked off the Million-Inch Chain on November 2, 2007, when she cut and donated her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Just eight inches of your healthy, strong hair can make a difference and help reach this truly inspirational goal. To become part of the chain you can pledge to donate your hair or upload a photo of you with your stylish new ‘do while holding your ponytail donation as seen above.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Sweeping the Nation


Wow!  The web is buzzing today with news about Hilary Swank’s upcoming hair donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  Here are a few of the stories, if you would like to see for yourself: 

People:  “Oprah Winfrey Chops Hilary Swank’s Hair”,,20155976,00.html

CNN:  “Winfrey Cuts Off 9 Inches of Hilary Swank’s Hair”

Access Hollywood:  “Oprah Gives Hilary a Swanky New Hairdo”

Hilary Swank Prepares for Pantene Beautiful Lengths Cut

Hillary Swank Pantene Beautiful Lengths Exclusive PSA

It’s only a few days away!

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that: “Hilary Swank is taking extra special care of her hair, so she can donate it to a cancer sufferer. The Oscar-winner will have her locks chopped off on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” later this month as part of Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths charity campaign.”

The USA Today reports: This month, she’s going on The Oprah Winfrey Show and cutting off her hair as part of Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign, which donates the locks to women who are in cancer treatment.

That’s going to be wonderful,” says Swank

Mark your calendars for November 2nd! There will be some big announcements and some beautiful campaign milestones to share.