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Participating in Pantene Beautiful Lengths is an incredible accomplishment that should not go unnoticed. We want to hear all about your donation! Also, if you have a question, comment, or just want to say “hello” please feel free to e-mail us at:


135 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Hi,

    I have donated my hair before to locks of love but this time I Highlighted my hair about year and half a ago. I still have the highlights remaining on the bottom but my hair is in good shape. Can I still donate? Please let me know.

  2. I just shipped 2 ponytails to the El Paso address yesterday. I found out today the new address is in OH. I am tracking my package & hoping to get UPS to re-route but if it arrives in El Paso, will you forward? I hate to see a years worth of growth go to waste. Thanks!!!

  3. getting ready to get 12 inches cut off my hair..but this web site has some compalints.does the hair go to kids,adults???or all kinds of people..has long does it need to be 8, 12 whats the min and the max???thank you leah

    • Maddie jalbert

      The minimum is 8 inches and there is no max. Im not sure what kind of people your hair will go to though. Hope I helped(:

      • Hi Leah,

        Your hair gets turned into a real-hair wig that goes to women who are undergoing cancer treatment. The minimum amount needed to donate is eight inches. There is no maximum.

        Hope that helps,

  4. can I donate 8 inches of hair even if it has some split ends and its in (long) layers?

  5. Mi hija se corto su larga cabellera para donar y hacer sonreir a una nina paciente de cancer, quisiera saber como le hago entrega de tan apreciado tesoro, su cabello. Por favor dejeme saber. El recorte fue ayer. Gracias

  6. Please send me an application to donate hair.

  7. Hi there,
    I am wondering if you know of a company in Australia that takes hair donations??
    I can find many that take donations for general wigs but I can’t find anything for cancer patients!
    Thank you 🙂

  8. Hello. I wanted to donate my hair, but had a few highlights put just in the front a year ago. Not in the back or all over. So can you still not use it?

  9. stop e mailing me..i have all ready donated to locks of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Michaela herbert

    I am writing to you because I bought the shampoo and cond. and both of them where so watered down it didn’t even make my hair shine please email me back

  11. An long time user of pantene products. Great stuff. I have one problem with packaging. I am now 71 years old & wear glasses. When in the shower with no glasses, it impossible for me to tell the difference between shampoo% conditioner without special markings. It would be nice to have a container marked in a manner that no doubt would exist about which product is in what container. KEN

  12. Do you accept hair that cut off in braids or does it have to be in a ponytail?

  13. I have been using pantene for 18 years now. I just want to thank you for making such a great product. It’s the only shampoo & conditioner I use. People always ask me what’s my secret to having Kim Kardasian hair and I always tell them pantene.

  14. Just wanted to let you know my 7 year old daughter got her hair cut on Saturday to donate! We will be sending it in this week. She did it as part of Lent this year. We are so proud of her!

  15. Hello.
    I am interested in donating my hair. I just have some questions:
    1) is it ok to donate more than 10 inches? I heard before that if its too long, they will just cut off the excess. I was thinking about 14/15 inches.
    2) do you have a list of known salons that do this in the Toronto area? I also heard that just putting it into a ponytail and cutting it, is not the best way. That the hair stylist needs to section it and measure each section and so on.

    Thank You

    • Hi Vidya,

      Wow! You certainly have a lot of hair to donate! At Pantene Beautiful Lengths, our minimum donation is eight inches. However, we make wigs of all different lengths, so feel free to donate all fifteen inches!

      Also, we do not have preferred salon in Toronto, but you can go to any salon to cut and donate your hair. Just tell the stylist that is what you are doing. Some salons even offer free/discounted cuts if you donate your hair.

      Lastly, the only requirement we have for the ponytail is that it is completely dry, bound in a hair tie, and placed in a plastic bag. Since you are donating so much hair, your stylist will not need to measure the hair section by section.

      I hope this helps!

  16. i want to donate my ponytail but my hair is in layers…..will it still be accepted?

  17. Hi do you have a special way to package the hair? I know it has to be in a hair band but is there anything else I need to know?


  18. Hi my mom has come down with cancer and I have been growing my hair for the last year and a half I have the 8 inch min but I would have to cut in many different smaller ponytails and I just want to make sure this is ok before I cut it

  19. jeff entrekin

    I would like to donate my hair. Its short but I will let it grow to whatever length it needs to be. Also, are there any participating salons in north Alabama? If not how could I get some interested?

    • Hi Jeff,

      That is wonderful that you are willing to donate your hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. You can donate your hair at any salon. Just be sure to call them in advance and let them know you will be donating your hair. Also, note that you will have to send your hair donation in after your hair cut 🙂

      Let me know if you have any questions.


  20. Hi I’m from Australia and I am wanting to donate my hair to an organization such as Beautiful Lengths but there is no such service set up here.

    Is it still possible to make an donation?

    • Hi Lizzie,

      You can definitely donate from Australia, just send your ponytail to:

      Pantene Beautiful Lengths


      20770 Westwood Drive

      Strongsville, OH 44149

      Thank you for making the kindest cut!

  21. Elizabeth Garcia

    Will this program be coming to the Houston/Sugar Land area?

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      You can definitely do PBL in TX! All you have to do is go to your local salon and let them know you would like to donate your hair. The salon may even give you a discount for donating!


  22. I’m trying to put together a hair donating party at our local bar n grill I have the hair stylists that are willing to donat their time and other that are willing to donate hair n money for your cause. Can someone please contact me reguarding a few questions and concerns I have. I can be reached all hours of the day or night by calling 906-399-2468.
    Thank you,
    Erin Lee

  23. Is there any way to track my donation? Would love to write some sort of encouragement to the recipient or know where it ends up… Just wondering 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hi Danielle,

      It takes six to eight ponytails to make one Pantene Beautiful Lengths wig. So, unfortunately, we do not have a way of tracking an individual ponytail.

      However, we thank you so much for your donation and know you are making a huge difference in the life of a woman with cancer!

  24. Where do I donate hair and what are the requirements. The website is not allowing me to find this out.

  25. STOP SENDING ME EMAILS I ALL READY DONATED MY HAIR LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Leah,

      May I ask who is sending you e-mails? Is there a way you can unsubscribe from the e-mails so you no longer receive them?

      I am sorry if we inconvenienced you in any way.

  26. laura hancock

    Please stop emailing me about how to donate my hair as I have done so already. Sometimes I receive 2or3 of the same one. Thanks Laura Hancock

    • Hi Laura,

      I am sorry to hear that. Is there an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the e-mail that your can click to stop the e-mails from coming?

      Also, what e-mail address is sending you these e-mails?

      Thank you!

  27. Jennifer Bohannon

    I plan to cut my hair and was going to originally donate to locks of love as it was the only organization I knew about until I did a search. I used a kit last year and highlighted my hair before I knew about them not being able to accept highlighted hair. Can you use it? Or do you have the same problem with it ? I hate to cut off that much hair and not be able to donate it.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for choosing Pantene Beautiful Lengths! Unfortunately, we cannot accept hair that has been color treated. We recommend you donate once the majority of your highlights has grown out.


  28. So is this whole thing a scam! Because I sent my ponytail in and did all the directions how I was supposed to and sent it to the address u have posted than a week later I got it back saying return to sender! Looks to me that its happening to a lot of people and its making y’all look worse than Locks Of Love! Pretty upset!

    • Hi Whitney,

      I am sorry to hear your ponytail was returned. Pantene Beautiful Lengths is certainly not a scam. It is very real and your hair helps hundreds of women battling cancer every year. Would you mind tell me where you sent your hair? I want to make sure you have the correct address as it recently changed.

      Thank you,

  29. I have been growing my hair since I learned that my Aunt Lila was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer, in February 2009. She was told her best outlook was 3-5 years if she did well on chemo. She didn’t. She died 18 months later; I never got to say goodbye or see her because I lost my job only weeks later.
    I kept growing my hair with the idea of donating it to Locks of Love. I didn’t know until recently that they make wigs for people under 21 years old, but I called them and they told me about Pantene Beautiful Lengths. So, now that my silver-gray hair is long enough I will be cutting it and sending it to PBL in honor of my wonderful, and dearly missed aunt; Lila Wherry of Carlock, Illinois.
    I love you Aunt Lila ❤

  30. Just making sure you are still collecting hair. My daughter just got her ponys cut and it’s hard to find address and informatiOn on the Internet. The Pantene website says nothing.

  31. My boyfriend is growing out his hair. Most women cut their hair from a ponytail when they donate so they can have some hair to wok with once cut. Since my boyfriend is a male, he can shave his head. His hair from the root is around 12 inches. Is it acceptable for him to shave his head and donate that hair?

  32. Regan Jagatnarain

    I know locks of love will not take hair that was once dyed blonde. I just cut my hair off and I probably have about 8-9 inches. It has been dyed blonde, but it is really healthy. Would your campaign take the donation?


    • Hi Regan,

      Due to the cleansing and re-dyeing process the hair goes through to make the real-hair wigs, we cannot accept hair that has been color treated. Unfortunately, color treated hair does not handle the wig making process as well as untreated hair.

      I hope that helps.


  33. Hello. My 4 year old daughter wants to donate her hair. It will be an 8-10 inch donation. She really wants to donate to another child. Is there anyway to request her hair go to a wig for a kid?? Thanks

    • Hi Holli,

      It is takes many ponytails to make a single wig. Because of that, you cannot makes requests for who your hair goes to. However, I can assure you that your daughter will be making a huge difference in the life of whoever gets the wig with her hair in it.

      Let me know if you need anything else.


      • Thanks!! She already sent her pony tail in and was very excited :). It doesn’t matter who it goes too we were just glad to do it. She just kept askin me about the kid that would get her hair that’s why I asked. God bless!

  34. I’d like to donate my hair but I need some info on how long is the min requirement. Also, I live in the Atlanta area, is there any list of salons that you’d suggest?



    • Hi Samya,

      Your hair must be at least eight inches to donate. Also, you can donate your hair at any salon in your area. Just let them know in advance that you want to donate. You are also responsible for sending your hair in once it is cut.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!


  35. How can I do a cutting event? Recently my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s 32 and within the last 4 weeks has found out she has breast cancer and has already had her double mastectomy. She will be beginning chemo and radiation soon. A few girls at work and I are interested in donating our hair. I was looking into making her a personal wig but it is very expensive. So we thought we could do a cutting event and raise some money and then all donate our ponytails. Then I could give her the money to help her purchase a nice wig. I’m trying to figure you the best way to go about this and help her as much as possible. If you have any ideas please let me know! Thank you! Trista

  36. I had my hair cut a while back and never had a chance to send it in yet because I wasn’t sure of where to send it to so just let me know and I’ll be more then happy to send it. Thanks!

    • Hi Jessica,

      Please send your hair to: Pantene Beautiful Lengths


      20770 Westwood Drive

      Strongsville, OH 44149

      Thank you for making the kindest cut!

      • I thinking about cutting it short again should I wait till I cut it again to send it and send the two pony tails together?

  37. daniel christensen

    I would like to know how long theamountr of hair the pony tail can be,my son and I are growing our hair to make a donation to u for someone with cancer

  38. jennifer christensen

    My husband and son have grown their hair to donate,all I need is the address to send it to.

  39. Maddie jalbert

    If your hair is long but layered (somewhat grown out) can you still donate your hair? Would you count your eight inches from your longest or shortest layer? Thanks(:

    • Hi Maddie,

      If the majority of your hair in eight inches you should be fine. However, if only a smal portion of your hair is eight inches long, I would wait a bit to donate so that you can contribute as much hair as possible.

      I hope that helps,

  40. hey i am nervous about donating any tips? plus my hair is kind of dry from chlourine but still healthy just have some split ends but those will be gone by the time i donate in april. 🙂 is sorta dry hair excepted?

  41. seleena puffinburger

    How many inches do you need for donation

  42. Hey my names tiana and I have been wanting
    To donate my pony tale for a while now but haven’t really looked further on to it I really want to do it and make a difference
    I just don’t no what I’m supposed to do .?
    For the opportunity to help people

  43. I sent you my hair a month ago but never heard back. Please let me know. Thanks

  44. The bottle i just bought had a leaking cap!

  45. Geraldine Beauchamp

    I was wondering if the company thought about donating to the lupus of america kids with lupus lose there hair as well.. I know as a mother who watchs her daughter struggle with her hair falling out due to chemotherapy as well as the meds after chemo that she will take for the rest of her life.. I thank you for reading this.. I would just love to see lupus seen as much as cancer..

  46. Send to
    Me the adress to give my hair donation.. I’m sorry because my English is to bad … I am from puerto Rico ..

  47. Hello, do I need to do anything special if my hair is curly. I have about 14 inches to donate of black curly hair. Also, do your wigs go to aldults only or kids too.

    Thank you,
    Vivian Torre

  48. Hi.
    I cut my hair today to donate to your program.
    I cannot reach a live person anywhere through
    Pantene’s customer service.

    Can I find out who gets my hair? I would like to know exactly who I helped. Can you please
    provide info? I would give my consent for the
    recipient to contact me. I know there are privacy laws. But this would mean a lot to me.

    Any help? Or a phone where I can talk to
    an actual person?

    Thank you very much

  49. Hi, I have about 20 inches I’m ready to cut, but I’ve had a bazillian blow out treatment a few months ago. Should I wait for it to ware out or is my hair not usable at all?

  50. I am 53 and have given to Locks of Love before. Now I have about 5% grey hair and they do not take grey hair. Do you take grey hair? My hair is very thick, I don’t blow dry it and try to keep it as healthy as possible. I lost a friend to breast cancer Aug. 4, 2010 and would love to donate my hair to someone in her memory. Also, I have obtained employment at less that half of what I was making a few years ago basically negating the four year degree I worked so hard to obtain. Is there somewhere in the Houston area that will give free haircuts to those that donate? The first weekend in October is the Susan G Komen breast cancer walk/run. I would love to do it this weekend if possible.

  51. hi, I am excited to donate 8 inches of my hair. I have been growing it for 6 years for exactly this reason! here’s the thing – last September/October of 2011, i received a keratin hair straightening treatment. My hair is no longer stick-straight (it’s full and wavy) and I think it’s in great condition (i’ve never colored it or anything and people say it looks really healthy). But is it ok to still submit my hair even though i had a keratin treatment last year?
    thanks so much,

  52. I bought a Pantenebeautifull engths shampoo. and conditioner and when I went to use it it had all black stuff inside and bumpy stuff. to it was gross. I would like my re found back on this. my address. to send my re found. 18 Aaron Ave Apt 30 city Dover Foxcroft State. Maine zip 04426 thnks

  53. Hi, my name is Stacy fowler. I was interested in speaking to someone about sending a representative to a hair donation event my community is having. Please let me know if this is a possibility, or if Pantene can make a donation to our event. All hair donated will be going to Pantene’s beautiful lengths. Thank you!

  54. Hi I donated my hair right before thanksgiving and haven’t received confirmation/thank you not that it got there and I just want to make sure it did!

    • Hi Meghan,

      Thank you so much for your donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths! Once hair is received and processed you will be keyed for a Thank You letter. Because the process is so extensive, this may take several months.

  55. My 10 yo daughter just donated for the 3rd time since turning 5. Let the growing begin again. 🙂

  56. I’m looking for Pantene midnight expressions shampoo or conditioner at my local store ….. zip code 75243 Dallas Texas… wanting to purchase items at a local retailer where can I find that item?

  57. Can you please let me know where I can take two braids that we have? I want to go in person cause the salon that we went cut her hair for free n need prove we did take in the hair… Please let me know what place in El Paso , Texas we can take it.

    • Hi Carla,

      I hope you’re well and thank you so much for your interest in Pantene Beautiful Lengths! Unfortunately, I am not familiar with any salons in El Paso, Texas where you can have hair cut.

  58. do you charge the cancer patients for the wigs people donate? been growing my hair out for almost a year for donating after i found out a co-worker had Breast cancer.

  59. My friend has cancer and has had kemo and lost her hair. She can’t afford a wig, could you help her?

  60. i have never donattioned hair so i was wonering how it works

  61. I sent 11 inches of my hair on May 23rd, 2012 and still have not heard from your company. I have called twice and was told that I would get something in the mail once my hair was received after a few months possibly and that they couldn’t tell me if the hair was received. I’m wondering if you ever received my hair and if you could at least tell me that? It’s been almost a year now and still haven’t heard anything. I would appreciate an email back, thank you.

  62. I sent 11 inches of my hair on May 23rd, 2012 and still have not heard from your company. I have called twice and was told that I would get something in the mail once my hair was received after a few months possibly and that they couldn’t tell me if the hair was received. I’m wondering if you ever received my hair and if you could at least tell me that? It’s been almost a year now and still haven’t heard anything. I would appreciate an email back, thank you!

  63. My fiancee and I want to donate, so I’ve been looking at all the requirements that all the hair charities have. I see some say fresh-cut hair only and some say they will also take hair that was cut a few years ago, if it’s been kept braided or in a ponytail. I do have a braid I kept from when my hair was really long, and it might be a good idea to donate that as well. Do you take only freshly-cut hair or would an older cut be acceptable? It would be nice to send in 3 ponytails of almost identical hair at the same time (my fiancee and I have the same hair).

  64. I bought the shampoo for thick hair the bottle had a pump and the pump quit working my mom buys this all the time for me and this.. never happened before….we got it at walmart… my address is 215 burroughs ct. Ashtabula ohio 44004

  65. norma sterling

    I am trying to find silver shampoo can you please email info. Thanks

  66. Michelle Wrisley

    I recently purchased some shampoo an conditioner and when I got home to use it I realized the bottles were broke an it was leaking I couldnt believe it alot of it was gone I was so disappointed

  67. I just got my hair cut today. I do have the required length, however, I didn’t realize that it is supposed to be freshly washed to donate. I washed it yesterday. After I washed it, I didn’t put any product in it, and I let it air dry. It’s still very clean, and healthy. Will you be able to accept it? Thanks so much.

  68. Hi there,

    I’m thinking of donating my hair, but it is a bit short if I form a pony tail with all of my hair. Would it be alright if I formed multiple smaller pony tails closer to my scalp and cut it off from there as long as it is > 8″?

    Please let me know – thanks,


  69. That’s how I did mine. Though my hair is 90-95% gray so I sent it to Corrine Fund, my niece used those little colored plastibands and made about 13-15 mini-ponytails and when we were done I bound them all together to make one big pony. The longest strands were 22″ and the shortest was about 16″, so I hope they were able to get a lot of good hair from it.

  70. so hi i donated my hair and on the paper we printed out it said i would get a certificate in the mail but its been at least 6 weeks and i havent got one …. so will i or not ?????

  71. maria calvillo

    Hi I’m contacting you because I recently bought your product and I had bad experience I’m use to your product nice and think when I bought your shampoo it was and looked all watery

  72. Hi,
    I just want to make sure that the hair I donate will be made into a wig and given to someone for free. I heard that places charge for the wigs and I don’t think that’s fair.

  73. I am very interested in donating my hair. I know you have a “no chemically treated” policy. I have colored/highlighted my hair a lot in the past. I have not done anything in about 18 months though. Is it still considered treated at this point?

  74. Hello! I donated my hair in the beginning of July and the post office said it would be received on July 5th. However, I’m still waiting for a thank you letter…I just want to make sure they got my hair and that it wasn’t wasted! When should I expect the letter? Thanks!

  75. Hi i am willing to help find people who would cut thier hair that dont contact you guys i have had experience in doing so if you have the time olease jat email me at

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