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Marissa Rodriguez | December’s Hero of the Month!

Marissa loved her long, gorgeous locks — but she realized that stunning hair like hers could benefit people who could no longer grow long, strong hair due to cancer treatment. Check out Marrissa’s touching donation story below.

– – –

      I am still embarrassed to show my friends and family my 5th grade school picture because my hair was so full and thick!. At that time, I never heard of a straightner so I let my hair air dry to which I thought looked lovely but now looking back I could have really used some mousse or even some Pantene hair spray! Anyway, throughout my life people have always told me that I have beautiful long, thick hair. After graduating from Rutgers University in the spring, I wanted to get a new hair cut for when I started my big girl job at Accenture in the fall. At first, I was just simply going to cut 3-4inches and still be able to enjoy my long hair. I have had short hair in the past and just simply thought that short hair did not complement my face. BUT after giving it much thought and recalling a conversation I had with an older woman, who complemented my hair at the nail salon and then went on to tell me a story about one of her friends who was battling cancer and who recently received a wig from donated hair, I began to consider donating my hair. I thought I would never get the courage to do it but I finally said “Marissa, put your feelings aside and think about those who really need it. Your hair will grow back, others won’t.”

I loved having long hair and the thought of cutting 8 inches off was simply unimaginable. After much contemplation, I finally called the hair salon to schedule an appointment to donate my hair. Watching my stylist cut my hair was such an amazing feeling because I knew someone else would get the same feeling, not from giving but from receiving. Well now, I love my new short, thick hair which is just above my shoulders. I am so happy I was able to be a part of Pantene Beautiful Lengths because the thought that my hair will help to bring confidence to a woman fighting cancer is absolutely an incredible feeling. I know that I have given a gift that someone will be so thankful for. My friends keep asking me, “Why did you cut your beautiful hair?” I just reply with a smile, “It’s ok, it will grow back!” I hope my story and others will inspire more people to perform such a selfless act in order to help others!

Thank you for sharing your story, Marissa!

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