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Delightful 7-Year-Old Makes the Kindest Cut!

Abby is a sweet 7-year-old girl with lovely strawberry blond hair. From babyhood on, she was complimented so much on her beautiful locks that her mother was concerned those compliments might lead to vanity. However, as always, Abby showed her kind heart.

Abby’s mother had told her daughter about a little girl in their neighborhood who had gone through chemotherapy. She explained Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and what the campaign strives to do.  Abby did not know about Pantene Beautiful Lengths or the idea that a person could actually donate his or her hair.  But after that discussion, Abby latched onto the idea and decided then and there that this was something she was going to do.

Abbey before making the kindest cut

Abby’s kindness is extremely moving, and her mother says, “as often is the case, I have seen her be generous and kind with no thought to her own personal gain.  I’ve seen through my daughter’s eyes how one person can make a difference.”

Abby’s donation is very remarkable for a 7 year old, and she is already talking about the next time she donates.

We are very grateful for Abby’s giving spirit!

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Heidi Makes The Cut for A Great Cause!

Heidi Westrum, a dental hygienist from Apple Valley, Minnesota, was so excited to grow her hair out and make the cut for Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

Heidi has been fortunate enough to be blessed with a breast cancer free family. Nonetheless, Heidi showed unbelievable support to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign by donating her hair in October to honor anyone who is fighting, or has fought, the breast cancer battle.

Heidi recognizes her parents and family friends Debbie F., Jann N., Barb Z., Barb T., Julie F. and Tammy H. as her support and inspiration behind her donation.

~Becca, The Pantene Team


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