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Kailani Goes to Great Lengths to Show She Cares

Eight year old Kailani loved her long, brown hair. She always smiled when people complimented her and called her Rapunzel or Pocahontas. However, when a 15-year old leukemia survivor spoke at her church, Kailani was brought to tears when she saw a video showing how the young girl had lost her hair due to chemotherapy treatment. It was then that Kailani realized that she could use her hair to do something really great.

Kailani’s mother told her about Pantene Beautiful Lengths and how it was program that provided real-hair wigs to people undergoing cancer treatment. Kailani immediately knew that this was the program for her. At first, her parents were sad to see their little girl cut off her long, beautiful hair – but they soon realized that their daughter was doing something wonderful for people who are quite sick.

Kailani’s mother took her to their local salon to donate 12-inches of  hair. But when Kailani got to the salon she decided she wanted to give more! Kailani thought that perhaps Pantene Beautiful Lengths could make two wigs with her hair. In the end, Kailani donated 17 inches of her gorgeous hair.

Thank you for your beautiful story and incredible donation, Kailani!

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~Clare, The Pantene Team