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Meteorologist Stephanie Ortmann Makes The Cut!

Stephanie Ortmann works as a meteorologist at the NBC affiliate (KOAA-TV) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Now TV anchors are known for their consistent looks, but Stephanie isn’t one of those typical TV personalities.

Not many would think that a hairstyle is a way to champion a cause, but back in 2011, Stephanie decided to chop off her hair, altering her on-air appearance in the name of giving back to women affected by the sad reality of hair loss due to the effects of chemotherapy. Inspired and supported by friends, viewers, and family, Stephanie chose to donate her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Stephanie donated a whopping 9 inches of hair for her first donation!

Stephanie Ortmann Makes The Cut – WATCH HERE

Fast forward a couple years later and Stephanie is ready to go for it again! “After donating for the first time a few years ago, I thought about how lucky I am to be healthy enough to grow out my hair,” said Stephanie. “To be able to gift my hair to someone who needs it made the cut more special. So I decided while my hair was still short that I would donate again once my hair got long enough.”

And that time arrived in December of 2013. Stephanie donated 9 inches of her long blonde locks once again to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

“It’s such a great feeling to be able to give back to others by doing something so simple,” she said after going nine inches shorter. “For me, it’s not about how I look with long hair or short hair. I’m just happy to be a part of something bigger and hope that sharing my story on-air to my viewers will help inspire others to give back as well.”

Donation - Stephanie

Stephanie plans on donating again once her hair is long enough.


Kelly Jockwer Donates To Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

Kelly Jockwer is an 18-year-old freshman at Susquehanna University. For as long as she can remember, people have recognized her by her beautiful hair. Kelly can remember a day in Kindergarten when she was getting a drink at the water fountain after recess when an older boy behind her told her to “Hurry up, Blondie.” At the time, she was deeply insulted. Now, however, she would probably take it as a compliment.


While Kelly loved her long hair—and would even go as far to say as it was a large part of her identity— She knew that there are women who feel the same way about their hair, but lose it due to factors beyond their control. Kelly knows that her now short hair will quickly grow back, while other women wish to be able to say the same.

Kelly believes that her 10 inch ponytail will go to someone who needs it WAY more than she ever could, and helping someone cope with a trauma in their life by helping them feel better about themselves is a feeling that can’t be replaced by any amount of hair in the world. Will Kelly grow it out and do it again? Absolutely.

Miami of Ohio Pantene Beautiful Lengths Kick-Off Event

The Miami of Ohio Pantene Beautiful Lengths Kick-off Event was a huge success!  With more than 100 students in attendance, 35 students pledged to donate their hair at the cutting event in April.

The event kicked off with Miami student, Jenna, (who is a cancer survivor) speaking to the attendees  – she then introduced a student-produced video which featured students from the Miami community who have been personally touched by cancer.  This video lives on YouTube and has received more than 1,000 views so far!

 Thank you to Miami of Ohio and we look forward to gaining more pledges throughout the coming weeks!

Londonderry High School Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hair Donation Event – Friday, January 11th, 2013

The Seventh annual Pantene Beautiful Lengths hair donation event at Londonderry High School will take place on Friday, January 11th, 2013. This year, over 120 students, staff and family members are signed up to donate on the gym floor, in one simultaneous cut done by family and friends, many of whom have dealt directly with cancer, in front of over two thousand students, staff and community members. The seven year total for donations is close to 1300 individuals!

So how does Londonderry High School get these numbers? Do students look to Anne Hathaway or other cropped stars for inspiration? The secret is, they look to each other. “It really began with Kaela MacInnis, who was a sophomore.” Coordinator Steve Juster recalls, “Kaela has beautiful full blonde hair. When she donated and wore an above-the-shoulders blunt bob, a number of students came to me to sign up for the next year. I had not even designed the permission slip as yet for that next year! Many remarked on how breathtaking  Kaela looked with her hair cut, and told me if she could donate, they could do it as well, and their hair would look great, also.” Now in college, Kaela returns to donate her hair again this year.

“Now,” Juster says, “posters around the school that publicize the event always contain student photos. They inspire each other. The hallways of Londonderry High School are crowded with angels.”

August Hero of The Month: India!

India had been begging her mom to let her get a “bob” for about a year. India’s mom was hesitant because she loved her long hair, and thought that India would regret cutting it off.

When she finally agreed, India’s mom realized that her hair was long enough donate. They did some research and decided they would donate India’s hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!

India was able to donate 10 inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and she was thrilled at the idea that her hair could go to someone who needed it. India was also very hopeful that the wig would be made into a “bob” so that the recipient and she would have matching hair!

Get to know our girl Zooey Deschanel, the new face of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Collection!

The Beautiful Lengths collection helps you to achieve healthy, long hair that can be shared with a woman who needs it most through the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program, which enables people to share their shining strength by donating healthy hair to create free wigs for women undergoing cancer treatments.

Watch this word association video where Zooey tells us what some hairstyles and products remind her of!

This September, look for the NEW Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Collection!

The Beautiful Lengths collection helps you to achieve healthy, long hair that can be shared with a woman who needs it most through the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program, which enables people to share their shining strength by donating healthy hair to create free wigs for women undergoing cancer treatments*. 

In addition, Pantene Beautiful Lengths (Pantene) will donate over $1 million dollars this year to help women fighting cancer receive free real-hair wigs.

 *wigs are available on a limited basis based upon amount of hair donated (AZ) through select wig banks.