Behind the Blog

Becca Feigenbaum

Hobbies: Horseback riding, skiing, making people laugh, traveling, walking my dogs, reading and  (learning to) cook with my Dad

Favorite Color:  Pink

Favorite Pantene Product: Medium-Thick Hair Solutions Professional Level Damage Ampoules. I put my hair through a lot of stress, and these ampoules repair any sign of damage in no time!

If I Had a Super Power, it Would Be: The ability to communicate with animals

Why I Like Being Part of Beautiful Lengths: Pantene Beautiful Lengths inspires people to do good and shows that everyone can make a positive change in the world. When you choose to give back, whether you are donating time, money or ponytails, it makes everyone’s world a happier place to live.


5 responses to “Behind the Blog

  1. Great blog for a great cause! I’m sending 10 inches your way (just had it cut this past weekend)!

  2. just sent my 7 year olds pony, now i have another wet one from my 12 year old to send in..

    This is an amazing thing and we have done it many times (maybe a total of 8?) and are SO proud to be a part of it!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. How to I host a cutting event? My best friend just had a double mastectomy and is going to begin chemo and radiation soon. I want to support her and help her in anyway that I can. I looked into person wigs but it is very expensive. I have at least 4 other girls at work that would like to donate too. We were thinking about raising money then having a cutting event to donate our hair and donate whatever we raise to my best friend so she can get whatever wig she wants. If you have any advice or comments I would appreciate it! Not sure how to go about it! Thank you, Trista

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